Tuesday evening thread feat. valentine's chat and food beeves



hello. what’s going on this eve?

wife is playing diablo and i’m watching a let’s play on youtube. happy valentine’s! gonna drink a beer and maybe have a bath. literally got nothing else to do.


hey. glad someone made this thread. I’m lonely and would like a chat.


any plans for the eve? playing any good vidya?


well I will probably go buy some beer, I really shouldn’t as I want to be thin to impress the ladies but who am I kidding!

I’ll probably just muck about on hearthstone as always…maybe complete a level or two of lego star wars.

Thanks for taking an interest :slight_smile:


good evening lovers and friends :heart:


@Bamnan @cowcow got any controversial food opinions you’d like to share?


On the train, will get back around 8, grab a ready meal at the spenos at the station, go home, eat, go out and play football, come home and shower and go to bed.

Happy valentines!!!


Here’s a food beeve for you. Picked these up in the staff shop after work:

“Stuffed cheesy nachos

Now I’m not doubting they are stuffed with cheese (and jalapenos, if the packaging is to believed) but they are certainly not nachos. They are samosas; if you insist on continuing the Mexican theme, I’ll allow you empanadas.


christ almighty


It’s irked me to the point that I’ve a good mind to send Saino’s an email


please, please do


Yep feeling pretty, pretty shite.


what’s up, babybear?


Well most of them don’t really care either way, so I’d enjoy yourself.


Oh, the usual. Got the flat to myself too so maybe a touch of added loneliness.


mayo is disgusting

is that cnotroversial?


ah then there must be something more complicated wrong with me. bummer :frowning:


Nah, I think it’s just harder to meet new people as you get older.


going outside helps though


yeah I really fear being a weird old man but hopefully when I get there I’ll be weird enough for it not to bother me