Tuesday evening thread for Tuesday evening.

Alright? Had a pretty dull day at work, now got Brian Harvey Specials on the way and some true crime stuff to watch on TV so that’ll take us nicely up to bedtime. What’s going on then?

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Freezing, can’t be bothered with dinner, going to have a bath again and drink some jasmine tea. Might read some more of my plague book just to get it finished and start on something better.

Very boring struggle with a bad habit: As discussed with kermy yesterday I’m trying to go cold turkey on the old lip biting. Probably the biggest test of will power yet and there’s been two very close calls. Almost 24 hours though, gonna have the softest lips in town. Quite like having a challenge though

Alright. Did an 11 mile walk. Saw about 20 different red kites. Sore feet and tired now. Leek and mushroom risotto for tea. Back to work tomorrow. 2½wks until a week off.


Happy lunar new year

Dumplings out of shot


Meep! Feeling a bit self conscious. I ended up biting the bullet and organising my own hen do and just told the girls who said they were free. I have never thrown a party for myself or made a fuss of myself so this is VERY unlike me and makes me want to have a cry. I hate this kind of stuff!!!

But otherwise, SUMMER HOUSE on the telly night :two_hearts:


Have you tried putting something gross tasting on your lips? I have these exfoliating face pads that just taste minging so I wipe them on my lips a bit when they’re dry cause I am a lip licker


Chicken Kiev dinner then off for beers with old work friends

Also managed to sort TWO whole things that I’d put off for basically over a year so that’s good for the ole to do list

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i finished my jasmine tea last night and forgot to pick up more today :weary:

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I’m having a huge teapot of the stuff later, I’ll pour you a cup

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Evening all!

I offered to do nursery pick up because Wor Lass was a bit tired and I’m an awesome guy. I prepped all the food (roasted veg, pine nuts and pasta) and went to collect The Child.

Came home to find she’d had an impromptu nap and most of the veg was pretty, pretty chargrilled.

I am a terrible lip biter too. Good luck!

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Evening, Nachos for tea!!! Still ploughing on with Gomorra. Could do without the dreams about being the Camorra mind.

I pretty much organised my stag weekend because I am a terrible control freak and didn’t entirely trust my best man to organise it.

He lost all of our tickets to the races at some point between the hotel and the race course so I reckon made the right call.

It’ll be great x



Got a cheesey leek pasta bake in the oven at the mo.

Not really much planned for the evening, probably find summat on the telly to watch.


I saw a buzzard and a crow having a go at each other, heard an owl (during the daytime for some reason) and saw a little egret on my walk this morning, so that was quite an interesting walk as far as birds go.

Still not quite sure why South West Birmingham seems to have a proliferation of little egrets - they look like they should be near the sea.

Evening all. Day off today before I go back to engerland on Thursday.

Did two bikes. Ate this…

And this

Saw this

Made frens

Now I’m listening to Neil Young in the bath before he gets removed.



I’m feeling stressed cos I’ve got an interview on Thursday, and that’s all I can think about :triumph::exploding_head:

Had fish and chips (oven) for tea though, and I’m going to see Parallel Mothers later so not all bad

Having one of those days where I’m trying to achieve stuff but achieving precisely zilch. Feelin’ a bit blue.
Ordered pizza and gonna watch some rubbish and have a j20 and cuddle the cat and maybe play the sims. Meh


Not that I was particularly paying attention to things tbf. But pretty happy spotting my first nuthatch and saw 3 or 4 different pairs of stonechats. Spent about 5mins watching that Green Woodpecker. Got an incredible view of it pecking the ground. They’re funny birds. Also got a lot of crows dive bombing red kites.


Oh boy, not only am I putting the heating on I am also, for the first time ever, putting the under floor heating on in the bathroom ready for bath time.

Welcome to Scout’s sauna and steam room!


Just won our game of Fortnite with a 150m sniper headshot so it’s fair to say I’m feeling pretty, pretty sexually potent right now.

…going to play more computer games