Tuesday Evening thread for Witches and Everyone else

Took me a little too long to realise the big plus was for a new topic.

Just waiting for the oven to heat up to cook some L.macs to have with a sort of creamy caulliflower mash.

Probably watch the snooker.

Nothing achieved work wise again, tomorrow I will get up early and do good work.



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I made a beef taco pasta bake and massively over did it on the cheese and it fucking ruled.

Job interview next week for one I really want. Yes mate.


I’m eating my bucket bread. Might give up all other foods tbh

Want some kind of massive filthy dessert but all we’ve got in is Oreos. Now, I like Oreos a lot, but they’re just not going to do the job here.

This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to anyone ever.


I wish there was a device where I could close my eyes and visualise the words I wanted to type, and they’d appear here so I didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of typing

Hey hey.

Had some pasta, pesto, fake chicken and garlic bread dinner. Now promised the kids a board game - Coppit. Then it’s some work in front of the football I reckon.

@epimer my intense sympathies.

You can say them.into some things can’t you??

I can, like I am doing now! But the voice recognition software is a little unpredictable at times so you never know what is going to come out with.

That’s not too bad actually

Hello my name is French toast and I am trying the voice dictation thing for the very first time ever I don’t have a very big Willy and I like watching top gear the end haberdashery roast potatoes eat Cadburys boost kiss kiss kiss

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Anyway, good evening all.

Today has been a tricky day:

  • we found out that Mrs ccb has to go into work more often than was planned, so I will now be in charge of the homeschooling a lot more.
  • Work has been a pain in the arse.
  • we nearly set the house on fire: I managed to leave a ring on the hob and Mrs CCB managed to put a pair of oven gloves on top of it. The house now smells of an acrid plastic smoke.

^ @slicky that’s what voice recognition normally looks like!! Now corrected


Thank you. That doesn’t help me.

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I don’t think I’ve ever eaten an Oreo

Hold on, what?

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Massively overrated


I have had Oreo ice cream… “cookies and cream”? Ben and jerries? Tasted like dust.

I would say they are cheap and effective.

Get a secretary?? :laughing:

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They’re not good.

They’re shit aren’t they. Got a packet in the cupboard for some reason but I never ever open them, even if I’m desperate