Tuesday Evening thread for Witches and Everyone else

the white chocolate covered ones though are glorious

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Doing overtime (thanks to all who answered my poll yesterday, gonna get that :moneybag:)

Listening to Dude York, good band imo

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might have been fun if I’d done this job application during my long empty weekend, rather than cramming it into the evening right after work, while making dinner, with the deadline looming




Pretty sure that’s the only method to do them


Just had a beer over the phone with the old man cos it’s his 70th today - what an utterly crap day for a milestone birthday. He seems relatively ok with it all, which is good.

Absolutely no plans for the rest of the evening one of those where I’d quite happily turn in now if I could. What a life! Might watch a film, will definitely eat some leftover curry.

Still ragingly angry and desperately sad over R getting excluded again, need to keep a lid on it for another hour or so until he’s asleep and then I can cry again.

Really want to drink. Really shouldn’t drink.

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Good day here, finished work early. Been listening to nothing but reggae all day. Dennis Brown, Bunny Wailer, Mighty Diamonds, Israel Vibrations, Hempress Sativa.


Thank you @Unlucky :blush:

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My birthday has been extremely meh. I did my big social event of the year so far, which was to walk along the seafront with my friend’s dog. We saw this luxury window display.

I bought some beige food from Morrison’s because I’m still feeling the after effects of getting poisoned by my own birthday cake. I hope I can celebrate a fake birthday in July instead.

  • to explain the cake- my mum ordered a birthday cake for me online. I ate some. It was very nice. It turned out to be full of the very obscure preservative I’m very badly allergic to (sodium metabisulphite), which doesn’t normally turn up in cakes, usually drinks or sauces instead, and I had a really bad allergic reaction on Sunday from eating it, and nearly had to go to hospital. (And ended up giving away the cake to my neighbour)

Of course I’m exactly the kind of person who something like that would happen to

I thought you might have more to contribute than this.


Alrighty. Nice lazy day. Took kiddo to the park, someone had scraped dog shit on the swing. Cheers lad. Whacking an m&s curry meal box in the oven and having a lovely water. On the super duper early tomorrow, so yeah

Had pie and sweet potato wedges. Feeling super sluggish for some reason and I even had a lil nap this afternoon!

Might look at nice things I can’t afford for a bit cos I’m sick of doomscrolling dis and Instagram

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Today’s redundancy reactions

  • Tears from a just-turned 20 year old
  • Coughing fit from someone else (the meeting was cut short. They were told to log off and possibly book a test)


Job interview tomorrow

OTOH, my new hiking boots are killer, in a good way

Nope, I just wanted to read peoples evenings is all. I find if someone doesn’t start an evening thread around six then people are hesitant to post anything until they do.

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Watching Misty sleep instead of the telly.


In pretty severe back pain so took some diazepam before tea (kievs, chips and peas then cake and ice cream) and now I’m in a floaty cloud world but my back still hurts quite a lot. Gonna lie on my spiky mat and read my book.

Evening kids

An exciting night for me, because I’m restarting my radio show, which I last did regularly almost ten years ago. With any luck it’ll make me feel like I’m in my thirties again, instead of feeling like an old man ravaged by lockdown. I’ve got a whole load of bangers to play and hopefully my mic will work too.

How can we hear this please?

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I’m very cold m9s.

Got quite the workload tonight and I dont really understand what I’m meant to do but of course, I already told my boss I’d finished it so now I can’t ask.


There’s a link here: Purple Radio (purple-radio.co.uk)

I’ll be on from 8.30. It’s replays of other DJs old stuff until then

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