Tuesday Evening Thread June the 8th

CBA with this weather, heading home shortly. Just going to stick my face in front of the air conditioner for 30 straight minutes.

Everyone else staying cool? Tell me about your evening plans.

I had some sushi and now I’m going to play the new Fortnite stuff with mah banbeano

Kale and chickpea curry tonight.


Just walking down to the beach for the last time




At the pub waiting for my mate to turn up. Nothing else to report.

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Currently trying to get bairn 2: lockdown surprise, to sleep. Not going well. Hoping to run later and then praying to anyone that will listen that me and the wife will be allowed a half decent sleep.

Had pizzer for dinner.

Gonna take the dog for a quick walk now its starting to cool off a bit.

About to make a Pimm’s*

*Knockoff Tesco own-brand called ‘Jeeves’

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been listening to this in the sunshine, join me or die, can you do any less?

Evening all :wave:

All fine here. Had a nice cycle ride from work up to :fireworks: Cambridge North :fireworks: station. Pretty standard evening ahead of me.

Did some nice walking today, schooled a load of my “superiors” in work and now feel like a badass, had an OK time at a garden (kids) party without being too stressy and awkward about having to talk to people (and ignored them when i needed to).

The cat won’t stop fucking meowing, more than usual. SILENCE CAT


Hello! Have now officially finished my shitty job and have 5 days off before the new one starts. My leaving presents were a some beers, some gin, a cake,a stress poo, a plastic chicken and the butchers gave me a rib of beef and this note

Then came home and we had a little celebration in the garden.

Jacket potatoes in the oven for tea now and more drinks I think.


Think I’m going to be one of those people that start complaining about the weather more. This is just unbearable.

what do you have for a snack there?

A bowl full of Sainsbury’s finest cocktail sausage rolls.


Is there anything quite as disheartening as sitting for the evening only to realise/be told there are a dozen cleaning and tidying jobs that need doing? :confused:

No. Just got home and had some cheese and crackers and left dish in sink to lay on couch. Only to be told “that dish isn’t going to clean itself is it?” :confounded:

Bad reaction to the cheese?

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My sort of usual. Drinking and watching a film here.