Tuesday Evening Thread June the 8th

Evening all!

It hasn’t been that warm today but I’ve been quite productive and stuff, which is good. I made a vaguely improvised pasta dish involving griddled vegetables, pasta, pesto and a basa fillet. It was tasty and even The Child ate some of it.

Wor Lass has become involved in a quite frightening family argument which has taken any shine out of the remaining evening.

read this as “Had Pfizer for dinner”

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Congratulations :tada::tada::tada::tada:

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:kissing_heart: thank you.

Drinking my my last San Miguel :cry:

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Mrs CCB is marking RE books.

Her: “look at this!”
Me, reading: “‘Wanted’- who’s wanted?”
“That’s Mother Theresa”
“Why is she wanted?”
“I just wanted to make her story more interesting”

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I think you should have a couple more.

Making browmies for the first time in my life, dark chocolate salted miso

Gone off recipe (forgive me meera) so slightly worried.

Moderna, Moderna, Kentucky jabbed Zeneca and a pfizer hut


I suggested watching The Thing to Wor Lass in a vain attempt to cheer her up and apparently the promise of Kurt Russell’s 1982 butt cheeks were exactly what was needed.


I’ve had approximately four (4) 5.0% amber ale’s and I’m feeling it. This is why I don’t like going out of my comfort zone.

Got home. Dropped off the car at garage, went to the shop, cooked the dinner, did the washing, sorted garden, did a load of workmprep.for tomorrow.

Only just sitting down and feel like going to bed.


worked til just now after slacking off all day. had bahn mi for dinner, was quite hard to eat. need to text my dad but using a phone is hard. hmmm. probably just gonna watch another dirty projectors live set because that’s all i seem to want to do this week.

They’re all gone :frowning:


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  • Doug Judy

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Pontiac Bandit every time.


Drinking very large gins and playing a game we like to call Pass The Banger where you take turns to get Alexa to play big bangers. Currently:

Followed by


A letter I received today reading: “miss and miss you should go to vacation and have a good day at beach at the beach and relax.”

I mean you can’t say fairer than that.


Hello eveningers! Huge congrats to @IvorDewdney! @BodyInTheThames I don’t know of many more wistful sights than the beach when you have to leave it, that picture is full of heavy-hearted beauty. Everyone else hi, hi, hope you’re doing okay.

I’ve got a migraine and I’ve got a legit tonne of work to do because I am AWFUL at planning my time and hadn’t really factored in the whole driving across town to get an armful of vaccine thing tomorrow (despite having exactly the same thing happen when I took my partner for her vaccine last week, why can’t I leeeaaaaarn?). I want to be able to spend about half an hour on a writing project for myself this evening but I can’t see that happening. Boo.


You’re a champ and I’m ever so happy for you. X