Tuesday Evening Thread June the 8th


Nice one @IvorDewdney.

My evening went like this


I went to a bbq with my old team. First time I’ve seen anyone i know other than my partner and parents since last March. Nice weather, nice evening.


I hope that all goes well.

It sounds a little churlish to say this, given how well the vaccination programme is going, but it’s quite bizarre how everyone I know in Cardiff has been sent to a vaccination centre that isn’t the one closest to their house for their jab. There’s literally one 2 minutes walk from my house, but where did I have to go: Cardiff Bay. My mates who live down the Bay got sent to the one by me.

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I’m in Canton and I’ve got to go on a little trip to Splott!


:grinning: amazing. That’s the one by me. Give me a wave when you go past!

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Nice that your colleagues are thinking of you but their writing skills could do with some work.

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I think my old secondary school has a sports day or something cause I can hear a loud hailer and music out my window. Slight pang of nostalgia hearing all the classes being read out (I was going to say “go R!” but then I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t actually in N).

Properly loud though, cause the school field is past quite a few houses and the music sounds like it’s right outside from here