sorry for shouting, was just trying to get your attention.

what ya doin 2nite? feeling a bit off so just gonna eat some pasta and watch a film or something.


i see you, baby


Might upload a cover to youtube,might not.


covers are well and good, but you’ve got an album to make as i understand…


RIP sketches


Yeah eventually. Work will start on that when I finish my job in a few weeks.

It’ll probably be shit anyway so don’t hold out too much hope.


this on the news has absolutely done me


Have you been hanging around with @bird 's mates?


Is there nothing sacred to hipsters?!


Putting things into boxes and regretting having any possessions. Life and moving/putting stuff in storage would be way tidier if I had no hobbies or interests.


alright? was meant to be going out on my bike but got stuck at work too late

been feeling really lazy the past wee while. cba with anything.


Did you say acoustics man was Hungarian?

Guest slippers are a thing in Austria and Hungary, and I loathe them with a passion.

You go to a (middle aged or older) person’s house, and you don’t just take your shoes off at the door, they present you with some slippers you have to wear, and seem to always have loads of pairs for as many guests as there are. I really, really, never do want to wear the communal guest slippers, it creeps me out somehow, but you feel the pressure of having to be polite.


From looking at his post history, it looks like he got into an argument with someone because he was trying to flog off some earphones that were originally being sold to raise money for charity. He’s not really been seen much since.


Makes me think of wearing those shoes you get given when tenpin bowling. Do middle aged Hungarian / Austrian people have that spray stuff to put on them after use?


No. I don’t know what they do with them. Put them back in the hall cupboard full of communal slippers it seems. That’s part of my issue with them.


That’s disappointing. They could learn a lot from the local Strikes bowling alley. Have little pigeonholes for the various sizes and to keep them aerated.


Gearing up for the big game!



Went out for a chicken dhansak earlier - my local curry house is pretty good. It sticks pretty much to the basics, but does them well.
Just waiting for Michael Head tickets to go on sale in 20 minutes, then might go to the pub.


The office over here has just switched to a new lunch service (provided to all employees) this week. It’s been here, at optimum eating temperature, at 11:40 both days so far… Is eating lunch before 12 acceptable?


Id do it every day if society didnt judge me so harshly