Tuesday Evening thread


Not to overshare or anything, but I’ve been a bit backed up for a few days and things are finally, slowly, and, yes, painfully starting to shift. So that’s my evening plans sorted. Might move my PC into the bathroom so I can at least make some progress in Tomb Raider.

Please share your evening details so we can all start to forget this awful, awful start.




I had fish n’ chips today for tea cos my mum has had a real bad day and thought she needed a treat. It’s really hard to remain positive sometimes in the face of this stuff. I need to come up with a good coping strategy when I’m unemployed soon so I don’t sink into deep depression. I guess I will just fantasise about making music and getting thinner, maybe that will help!

I’m downloading halflife 2 cos I fancy playing it again.

Also my bro just came over which was nice as I haven’t seen him since christmas time I think. He’s very much his same old resilient pragmatic self…much to admire there!

Sup eps! Conversely, I was pretty ‘loose’ this morning as I drank all the wine last night. Ate delicious vietnamese fusion cuisine as well with two mates where it’s the first time we’ve been in the same city since 2013. Great fun but felt predictably grim for my planned 7am call with my mum to discuss her divorce finances. Better for a couple of :coffee: :coffee: though.

I’ve been very firmly told to light some tea lights in the bathroom.

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Evening Eps, I’m in an Indian buffet in Manchester and I am delighted to report that they do ‘Scottish style’ spiced onions. Their so called veggie pakora is just small onion bahjis though. Win some lose some.

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I think fish n’ chips might be the best meal in the world. did you have mushy peas and a real full fat coke too?

Sorry about your mum dude - seems like you’re finding some of the positives at the moment though :slight_smile:

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There’s a bus crash in Eastenders and it’s gone all arty

well actually I didn’t have fish I had a saveloy which was a baaad choice. The chips were nice though, as was the curry sauce! Don’t know if they do mushy peas down here, maybe that’s a northern thing?


My dad just walked past my room while Different For Girls started playing and started pretending to run like a maniac as some kind of charade. I was really confused and annoyed because I didn’t know what the fuck he was doing and I hate cryptic things. Then he started pretending to drive a car and mimed that whatever he was doing was 2 words. So I worked out the second word was ‘cars’, then he kept doing the running thing, and I realised he was acting out Chasing Cars. “That’s what you’re listening to!” he gloats.

Very funny to watch him instantly deflated when I showed him what I was actually listening to.

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about a boy’s on
great film

The cast of Eastenders just lifted a bus together (in canon)

ended up on twitter for some reason, I’m just astounded by society these days. Apparently we need to respect people who say and do awful things now? :frowning: Never leaving the house again

This reminds me that I had a cracking shit at work today.

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Can this stop now, please? I’m bored of it.

On the plus side I’m farting like a trooper. But still. Please.

Watching Morocco vs. Ivory Coast. Nearly over thank fuck as it has been absolute pish.

Otherwise just cleaning my room and procrastinating. Date hasn’t confirmed for this evening so might just go to the pub and write there instead.

Feel hanging. Think I’ve got flu or something. Just lying on the sofa listening to the new mew track on repeat.