Tuesday evening thread

Some questions

What’s for tea?
Any plans?

Hi Eric, please answer you’re own questions :slight_smile:

I’m great thank you :smile: :grin:
Just had some leftover chilli with added vegetables on the side
Gonna watch the footy, practice some Japanese then read in bed
Not really :smile:

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PET SHOP BOYS - woohoo!!



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Im not bad, bored shitless atm though
Having some chicken* fillets and broccoli for tea
Dunno tbh, might watch a film that TKC reco’d
AOB: michael portillo is so annoying

I was meant to be going out but no one has texted me about it and I don’t want to the text them because they’ve all forgotten about it. Oh well. Will stay in and play yu gi oh dungeon dice monsters on GBA

Porridge? idk
Watch TV
I’ve misplaced my phone and I’m hoping someone will have texted me, even though I know they most probably haven’t

Yes, thanks. Bit tired, but pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

What’s for tea?
Spaghetti-less spaghetti bolognese with roasted veg on the side.

Any plans?
TV is out so I’m gonna play Nioh and maybe have a bath.

Had my first Huel today - decent. Will Huel again.


I hate the way he thinks riding about on trains will make people think he isn’t a massive Tory brexit Thatcher wanker

  1. yeh

  2. smoked salmon fillet, spinach/garlic/shallots, rice+quinoa. fit.

  3. take the dog for a walk then try to fix my old marshall shredmaster.

  4. wut

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Baked Sweet Potato with kidney beans and chili sauce.
Catch up with yesterday’s Girls and the last 2 weeks Bob Burgers then read some Sartre. Drink some more earl Grey.

yeah i’m not too bad on the whole. starting to recover from this cold i have
just had some chicken. plain chicken
was gonna go out for a walk/jog but the weather is not verynice. so no, no plans. except play the gta and make a start on my spotify library.
at the work entrance there is a photograph of the big boss and michael portillo.

Everyone else’s suppers sound delicious. I am very jealous.

Went to book club but it turns out book club is actually tomorrow night so I went out in the rain for nothing. Gonna get into my pyjamas and have a ready meal I guess

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:dizzy_face: very ill and diagnosed with sinus/chest infection
:pill: doctor prescribed me some delicious antibiotics
:egg: had my classic ill food my mum used to make me when i were little (scrambled egg on buttery toast)
:mortar_board: not gonna go uni tomorrow so i can have a much needed lie in
:confounded: my mouth feels funny

Alright? Yeah. Very, very tired though!

What’s for tea? I made a basic sausage pasta thing with tomatoes and peppers and herbs. The sort of meal that can be rustled up in 25 minutes.

Any plans? Pass out on the sofa and be escorted to bed by Mrs CCB.

AOB? Nope

i guess you could say you’re…

Not Going Out

Not bad, ta! How are you?

Lotsa chicken and chips :poultry_leg::fries:

Catching up on The Walking Dead :skull: