Tuesday evening thread

I suppose. That show is still guff

Made kidney bean balls and they’ve come out a bit mushy. Probably should’ve fried them instead of baking.

bag of shite

had toast for tea. one slice buttered, one with marmalade (i had a big brunch).
plans are to catch up with some group chats and my emails and also sort out my sock drawer and do some reading if i can then be arsed.
aob: http://www.mtv.com/news/2985274/cool-kids-comeback-profile/

Not bad.

Fishfinger sandwiches because I’m a grown-up.

Watching A Bigger Splash while Wor Lass is at yoga.

Feel quite worn down today - my afternoon at work was quite hard and I could do with an easy day tomorrow.

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New dirty projectors is outtttt yesssss. Gonna crack a beer and chuck it on.


Good thanks.
Bacon and mushroom risotto.
Got a few beers on the go, trying to get a link for first episode of Legion. Failing that might read comics and/or play GTA.

Drat, turns out my laptop of five years is finally falling apart

The toilet’s started trickling water into the bowl loudly and constantly, cam tell it’s gonna distract me from sleeping tonight

Watching UK’s Best Place to Live on Channel 4. First up, yes you’ve guessed it…Glasgow :+1:

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had lamb stew with pasta
might do some knitting
got a new laptop as my previous one broke last week. anyone know how to turn autocorrect off in skype preview before i throw the lovely new laptop out of the window? it was already turned off in windows so i don’t even know why it’s fucking doing it :rage:

As is the general rule of cooking.

I’ve had this for about 6 weeks and the doctor said it was likely my body was clearing up one but then sparking up the other which made my body go into meltdown. So glad I pushed for an appointment this morning. Hopefully, yours clears up soon too :massage:

Low carb cottage pie (butternut squash/cauliflower instead of PO-TA-TOES)
Watched some Peep Show, played some Netrunner, played some bass, decided on a preamp to buy, might read now.

just been in a fugue state playing civ for like all day!

Got an awful ache in my neck and shoulder on the right side from having my elbow on the desk for so long the past few days typing rubbish. Got loads to do but gonna have to just lie in bed fuck off

Genuinely proud of what me and my friends are coming up with for this one-minute movie competition. It’s really gleefully dumb, and I have (at the time of writing) managed to sneak the name “Roscoe” in there.

Also, an update in my ongoing getting into Oneohtrix Point Never: saw Garden of Delete in HMV yesterday, so I picked it up. From the looks of things, he seems to be a bit like Deerhoof in that it’s taken buying and listening to an album (rather than checking out individual songs) for me to get what his music is about. Early on in acquainting myself with it, it reminds me a bit of the first time I listened to The Richard D. James Album, in terms of its “warped” and occasionally playful atmosphere, and sometimes feels like it has that sense of an “environment” constructed over a number of tracks that you can hear in Tim Hecker’s work.

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Aaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh pet shop boys they’re just so goood. I fucking loved that