Tuesday evening thread


Stuck at work for another hour yet. Dunno how im gonna handle this job for another 9 weeks, it’s doing my nut. No masterchef tonight either fffffuuuuu.

Anything good happening tonight?



have had some pulled pork curry on the go in the slow cooker all day, wasn’t sure if that combo was going to work but it’s bloody glorious. will have that in a bit.

just taking it easy tonight hoping my hand gets better after falling on it this morn. was hoping for a spectacular bruise at least but nada so far. uhm… nothing else to report


want to buy some junk food but I also want to be thin.

Don’t know which one I want more


Evening EIV and Japes,

Bought some more beer on the way home including a beetroot sour.

Today was my only day in the office this week so that is the good. Gonna get a hair cut tomorrow.

Dont think much is happening this evening. Might start the west sing season 3


Hello there, I believe I heard you say beetroot sour. Gimme the details please.


Can I get a double bass player and fiddler to come round and jam on this rip roaring version of bob Dylan’s farewell demo track I’ve got brewing?


Finishing editing the text and laying out the pages of a zine I made about my trip to Japan.


link us up once it’s done


COOOOL, Illustrator just crashed so I’m going to make a disgusting Cadbury’s Fudge hot chocolate instant coffee abomination to make myself feel even more confused and angry.

Evenin’ all :wave:


Will be on the shop tomorrow (I also spent most of this afternoon making it work with multiple currencies, so if you fancy paying in singapore dollars or danish krone, your dreams can come true)


A while yet in the office and then I’m running home.

This is one of my favourite local pubs. I hope they’ve got buildings insurance…


There’s nothing like some formless Adobe rage.


This sounds amazing. I made myself porridge this afternoon with cocoa, peanut butter drink powder (don’t ask, the TV loves it), and chopped banana. Absolute triumph.


About to join a call with my US colleagues. Whoop.
Then watch football. Yawn (probably).


Haha, I love your optimism. Issue is I don’t have a spoon and I don’t have any milk so the result is going to be a bit grim…

I present to you the cauldron of horrors -

Yours sounds good though!


Ha! You must have some stirring implement!

I love adding this sort of just-add-water mocha sachet to porridge as well. I eat a lot of porridge… A lot of oats generally I guess.


Get yourself on BBC Food and cook something awesome!


Improvise using an IKEA straw as a stirrer?


Haha yeah… I used a scalpel and then I burnt my tongue. Classy as.

I eat a lot of porridge too but I’ve never thought of adding anything other than demerara sugar, fruit and nuts on top. Maybe I’ll go crazy tomorrow at breakfast. Stay tuned.

@wizardlizard I don’t have any straws over here :cry:


This sounds oddly delicious :+1: