Tuesday Evening Thread

Evening all!

I’m eating this, if you haven’t had it before I suggest you get to the shops, stat.

Whatcha eating/doing/watching/lovin/hatin?

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Alright laefs? There’s a lady in the pub offering back massages for charidee #london

Watching the new Bladerunner at 7:45. I am excite!

Is her name Harvey Weinstein?

too soon?

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Took me an hour to get home tonight - I’m hatin’ it.

Pulled pork wraps for dinner - I’m lovin’ it.

Is it GBBO tonight? Wor Lass will watch that and hopefully after that we can watch this week’s Rick and Morty.

The floor fitters have gone, oh thank god the floor fitters have gone

Pulled pork wraps sounds pretty yummy. Maybe with a wee bit of mozzarella too?

Hey laefs,

I stopped for a drink on the way home. One drink has turned into two, and I suspect will soon turn into three. There is a very tall middle aged guy that drinks here on his own every night and three young chumps outside drinking alcopops. On the stereo there’s a bit of an upbeat Motown vibe going down.

Once I finally walk the eight minutes home, I think I’ll end up making Fish Finger sandwiches and then having a bath before heading to Bedhampton.

I feel pretty terrible, might have a doze before dinner.

Hallo :wave:

Went to the gym again, wooo!! just need to keep on going forever with no breaks and I’ll be fine. It seems the moment I miss a day I take a month (or three) off. Sadly the gym I go to is closing on the 3rd of Dec until 2020!!! They’ll be flying cars by then!!!

Not sure what I’m going to do… if a gym isn’t a short walk from my flat I can’t see me being that dedicated. Might need to start jogging :scream: or even… dare I say it… get a bike.

About to go clean the kitchen and make dinner and try and hunt down my kitchen rules on the tv. Exciting. HOLY SHIT ITS THE BAKE OFF TONIGHT.

Don’t do it witches, don’t do it.


Go on then, show us your new floor.

Doing: cooking steak fajitas
Eating: see above
Listening: (Sandy) Alex G
Watching: GBBO later
Loving: the Portuguese custard tart I had an hour ago
Hatin: the fact I haven’t got another one

Just paid the equivalent of £18 for a takeaway tarka dal and peshwari nan :anguished: this fucking city maaaaan

Got myself a job interview! Hopefully goes better than the last one!

Well done, is it a job you really want?

We’re making pizza at the weekend so no mozz on these guys.

It sounds decent enough, it’s just part time while I study though. Just enough shifts to keep me on my toes :smiley:

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Oooft. Are you at least paid a Swiss equivalent wage? (Assuming they get paid loads)

sharp intake of breath

Eating: smarties
Doing: On DiS/writing a review
Listening: New UpCDownC
Loving: the fact I had a good day today/remained positive
Hating: nothing really.

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