Tuesday Evening Thread

Slow day huh?

Cannelloni for dinner tonight, plus Masterchef and Rick Stein. Still getting over the mortification of a colleague turning up to view my flat.

What about u?

A colleague what now?!


Answered the door to an estate agent, they were there with one of my colleagues. My work don’t know I’m moving away. Urgh.

Edit: well, I guess they do now


Jesus sufferin fuck

Not sure I have enough in me for Rick Stein tonight :confused:

Noooo, I’m counting on you to make a thread

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Ooops, just posted in the day thread. It was nothing interesting though. Should reeeaaally do some writing, but feel a lot more like just making my dinner omelette and watching the rest of Alias Grace

Our cat Gizmo is home from the vets. He’s very happy and purring. Just about to do his first if meds, hopefully it’ll go well.

He’s not got long left, but hopefully he’ll have a great final few months. :heart:




Ol’ Gizmo is lucky to have such a good home, especially now he’s not in great health. Hope you have a lot of top quality time together in the months to come :heart:


I feel ill as fuck and I have all this to get cracking reading tonight. Ugh.

AND I can’t get comfy in the beanbag. It won’t mould right. First world problems and all that.

Ha mgmt books, I’ve been trawling through a few of them of late

I’m gonna see a buddy play in a blues jam and perhaps play myself. Mushrooms on toast for tea.

might wheel this out for you later then

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Seems fair!

And our builders went all hands on pumps to get the kitchen ready with 30 minutes to spare before Gizmo came home. Top lads.


I was considering mushrooms on toast

It is a WINNER! I’ve hardly got any food in and don’t want to buy anything so it’s worked out well.

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think I’m getting down to single digits on the peeps left for bam’s big pic


Photos later please.