Tuesday Evening Thread



What’s been going on?

Eveming plans?


Clean my room -> episode of punisher with housemate -> gym -> food -> tinder date where she wants to meet at 10pm which seems extraordinarily late to me.


Just had a prawn stir fry and coconut and lemongrass sauce. Off out to an NCT class in a bit. Really just wanna go bed though.


Hiya Unlucky, I’m off for Japanese food in a bit then I’ve got to pack for two and a half weeks in Geneva. Looks like there’s still loads of snow there but it’s been melting this week and according to someone I work with there it’s just foggy and shit so I hope it clears up a bit this week.


Going for a run early tomorrow so just cooking and will get an early night (and by early night I mean go to bed and watch netflix)


Cold out


Masterchefs not on! Decided to burn down the kitchen in protest







Might just go to bed, tbqfh.


WTF are you burning man?


Pair of aubergines


That’s very late, get the @elthamsmateowen special pre-date?


That sounds good apart from the prawns. Enjoy the class.


wanna do something fun tonight but should probably crack on with beating FFX


Where does one eat Japenese in Leeds?

2 weeks in Geneva sounds class.

P.s. you and @AphexTwinkletoes should organise a LDS meet soon.


YOU’RE a pair of aubergines


What you cooking and watching?


Very. Stay in.


Beans on toast, play switch games and/or try out DynamoDB.