Tuesday Evening Thread


No idea how it is only Tuesday.

Really worried as my old landlord sent me a message saying that debt collectors are looking for me. No idea why.

Help me chill out, DiS.


evening gp, yeah feels like wednesday. i blame the masterchef schedule screwing with my brain. having escalopes for tea in a bit. no other plans. shrug.gif


House viewing in T-minus 33 minutes.

Need to hoover.


doing nowt. tea was 15/10.

listen to records in the bath now. admin later.

also - hello. sorry, so self centred.


Hey @ghostpony et al

Just got in. Spent ages in various food shops trying to work out what I wanted for lunch for the next 2 days but couldn’t figure it out…

And so fucking bored already.


Alright. Killing time until the boy needs to be put to bed. Who knows what’s for dinner later.


I’d find out why sooner than later. If you’re lucky it’ll be someone else’s debt who lived in the same house, but the collectors got your name off the electoral roll.


Still staying at me mam’s house. My family have gone home. Am tidying her whole house. Hoovering, clearing out food drawers,fixing stuff, making her sort through about 20 years of gardeners world magazines and SO much paper. She is getting pretty irked!


yeah he gave me a number to call so i’ll do it tomorrow.


Alright GP. Just sort it, got caught up with a debt from an old flat years ago and it was a massive relief when I managed to actually pay it.

Was supposed to be having a girl round for some food but she’s going out :disappointed: got my theory test at 8am so probably a good thing.


Dinner update : having spelt, feta, peppers and prawns.

Vaguely healthy which I’ll ruin with beer later.


If its in a country youre not gonna live in again and for a small amount ita probably not worh worrying about


yeah that’s what i thought too, but i feel bad that my old landlord is being pestered. i don’t think it can possibly be for more than EUR 1000. which is a huge bummer but not the end of the world.


Heya! Having fun with my hair tonight


i’m sure everyone had the same but debt collectors would turn up at our student house looking for people and we’d go ‘he moved out’ and they’d go ‘oh, ok. fair enough’ and that was it


Yeah i have some stuff like that in belgium that i need to sort. Will do it when i have more cash tho.


yeah that’s what i told him to say like 6 months ago but they keep coming back and sending me letters. so i may as well pay whatever it is. more intrigued and praying it’s not a huge amount.


Gonna try save half the pizza for lunch tomorrow to go with a small bit of pasta. Flatmate is bring me some chips from the Chinese. Just small because I lied and said wasn’t hungry. In a foul mood

Still got 2 custard doughtnuts left.


Anyone know how I can find cheap fake ps4 controllers or what I can use as a controller for a ps4 :disappointed_relieved:


feel like pure shit and my brains completely fried