Tuesday Evening Thread

Hello :wave:

I’m in Wahaca (woo!) sitting next to a couple having a awkward first (?) date.

After this it’ll be back to the hotel to do some work and watch the Liverpool game.

What are you all up to this evening?

Is masterchef on? I still havent watched last nights.

Got home from work to find that one of my uncled had passed away somewhat unexpectedly after some operations on his back that didn’t go as planned. Bit sad, especially for my aunt and cousins, but what can you do

Really sorry to hear that froglet, that sucks :frowning:


Shit sorry to hear that froglet, hope you’re ok


Ah sorry for your loss froglet.


that’s awful, take care of yourself froglet


That’s shitty, sorry to hear that Froglet.

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Used getting a second interview for a job as an excuse to order a celebratory pizza. Watching Worst Cooks In America on Netflix waiting for the football to start. I’m predicting City 2-0 and some kind of howling miss in the last 3 minutes, maybe a penno or something.

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Very much this while I also pay attention to Grandbrothers at the Village Underground. The one bloody night I want the band to start at 9.30 they’re on at 9.15…

Well done funkster!

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It’s ok, we’ll have it wrapped up by then.

Oh wait, we already do!

Cheers! It’s only call centre work but the money and perks are pretty good so here’s hoping.

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Doing my last nightshift of this nightmare job, finishing at 3am and starting another job at 9am tomorrow. Only doing it the once though which is doable, hope that’s ok @ghostpony

Only had a light dinner so I might smash some pizza or something for tea.


No no no no. If anyone knows a 3-0 half-time lead isn’t the end of matters in Europe, it’s us.

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Oh god, that’s going to need a LOT of coffee.


I have band. I’ll be drumming, and keeping at least two eyes on the score.

Please God let us not spaff this up the wall.

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might try and sneak in a couple of naps tonight tbh

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Bloody sweet cabin we reserved for New Years has fallen through :roll_eyes: Anyone of you scotch folks know much about Balloch? Found a sweet cabin that’s right on the river 5 minutes walk from Loch Lomond.

Just made had an m&s stir fry dealio, was quite good. Really like edamame noodles.

Probably watch THE GAME with have few TINNIES (play on my phone drinking wanker beers).

Was supposed to be watching it in the pub bit my pals couldnt make it.