Tuesday evening thread

for dickheads


sausages and mash for tea. nothing else to report.

Hey Eps.

Had an ok day, lot of work politics going on at the moment that I really find difficult to negotiate.

Ordered some pizza, drinking some tea.
Need a haircut, might do that tomorrow…

evening. bath beers.

guy went to absolute smithereens in front of me on the way home today. got airlifted out. very bad scenes.

hence bath beers.

hi @someoneelse and etc

having linda mccartney sausages and hash browns

that’s all I’ve got


will do some bicycle as soon as i can be arsed to get up off the couch

… any minute now


Last night of holiday. The flight is a reasonable hour though so can have a beer or two tonight hopefully.

I’m now at the stage where I’m looking forward to my own bed, decent coffee and a decent ale.

Just had a little 10 minute nap. Enjoyed that. Spag bol for tea. Think I’m out of peppermint tea :open_mouth:

Listening to Turnstile, waiting for the tv to come home.

Will listen to the Parquet Courts pre-release tracks next

Just had some tomato and lentil soup with a baguette. Looking forward to hot chocolate and Zelda later.

Had an Earl Grey for the first time this afternoon. Liked how mellow and soothing it was 6/10

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You got any other options? I’m just about to have a camomile.

really want some cashew nuts now

love an earl grey

Or another coffee? What will it be?


What’s your preference for a mid-afternoon tea break?

It’s the missus’ drink of choice

oh daytime is always coffee. for me it goes coffee from waking up til 3/4 o’clock (work-irk-depending), then proper tea for the rest of the day, might have an earl grey mid-evening ish, and then green or herbal tea til bed

Yeah got enough tea to open a shop. Might have a redbush or 2