Tuesday evening thread

Evenin party people,

Food, then a bit of work and then some quality time around the sofa

Off to meeting about redundancy from side hustle.

  • I love the phrase side hustle
  • Fucking fuck off side hustle bullshit

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Hi all.

Veggie Cornish pasty, chips and beans for dinner. making a sandwich for lunch tomorrow while I can still be arsed.

No idea what else is going on.

need an ambivalent option pls


Evening :wave:

In a hotel. In Basingstoke. :fireworks:

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:confused: making a lentil chilli. I have a feeling this may end up being a bit rubs. It doesn’t appear to be a taste sensation yet.



what on earth you doing there?

Crying into a pillow

3 day training course this week… set off down here at 3am :frog: bedtime soon

You should have said man. Could have caught a pint or something boss

Early Neutral Milk Hotel blah blah blah

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Fuck. You holding up ok from seeing it?

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Yeah, should’ve… kind of expect to be in bed early tonight and working tomorrow though :frowning: the a 5 hour drive home Thursday! :sob:

take it to the yuppie shit thread

Evening team. Had a big lunch out with the wife, my mum and some family friends, very nice it was too. Will probably just have half a pipe of Pringles and a twix for tea while watching the Argyle score on Soccer Special. Just listened to the James O’Brien Unfiltered interview with Nigel Owens and now there’s something in my eye I think. Emotional, powerful stuff, recommended listening.

What time you finished tomorrow and whereabouts are you?



“Hotel, motel…” etc near the town (is this place of roundabouts and ringroads a city?) Centre
Reckon I could be done by about 8pm-ish

Hey gang

Had a cheese and cherry tomatoe omlette for tea with beans and toast

About to go bike riding in the drizzle and mizzle, but people seem to be dropping out left right and centre