Tuesday evening thread

This afternoon has been about as pleasant as a tonsillitis/rash strewn day could be - housemate wasn’t working today so we’ve eaten ice cream and watched most of the first season of Dear White People, which is amazing. My parents also rang me from their holiday to check if I was ok after sounding diabolical on the phone this morning.

How has your day been? What are you doing this evening? xoxo

We had a minute’s silence at work today, which is awkward when you work in a call centre and have to put people on hold.

What should I have for dinner?

Bonus photo of derpy doggo (she is behaving atm so we are getting on)


What are you feeling for dinner? If my throat felt better I’d be all over a nice veggie curry.

Footballs been cancelled at short notice so I’m going to make a spinach and feta tart, play some max Payne 3 then pick my girlfriend up from the station. What a bloody evening!

Got back home to a lot of family dramaz, really exhausting. Gonna do some chicken burgers for dins and drink beers.

Alright champs

Having a beer in a nice garden next to the river (The Bishop on the Bridge @anon67149139). Gonna get a takeaway curry and see if there is any movement from the baby.


we also observed the minute’s silence in the call centre i work in. i think i’ve always managed to avoid being on the phone at the time of any silences so never had to put anyone on hold, though we offer them the choice of going on hold or getting a call back. i was working on social media today and had to not reply to anything for 10 minutes either side lest anyone think we were doing work during the minute’s silence.

MCR bombing

The attack on the Ariana Grande concert a year ago.

Evenin pervo et al. Bloomin lovely day here, spent it walking along the coast which was nice. About to go out to a restaurant in a minute that does a lot of fish, will I have fish and chips, that is the question! (Probably not). Are the antibiotics making you feel any better?

I’ve been dealing with morons and wankers all day. Just want to climb into a bath with a G&T but have to give the dog a long walk, cook dinner, and go to sainsbury’s. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

I definitely feel better although not sure how much of that is penicillin and how much is it not being the morning (I usually feel better later in the day). Hopefully the former though!

It’s very warm here so I’m sitting in my boxers, having a beer or two and listening to a podcast in my room. Feels great.

Will walk to the TV’s house soon. Holiday fever is kicking in big time. The next three days in work are going to drag.

Did some dying at school today and did not wear gloves. Currently have purple hands, cillit bang is working but don’t really want to bleach my skin off. Any ideas??

How was TVkg’s scan?



All good in the end! They figured out the problem, nothing serious, and she’ll be right as rain after a course of antibiotics. Huge relief after weeks of worry.

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Or paint the rest of your body purple and hope everyone’s too embarrassed to bring it up?


Turpentine? Surgical spirits?