Tuesday evening thread


Just ate some pasta and pesto.

The tv is still in the states so I’m home alone and I miss him. Feeling pretty down about stuff, it’s just a day where everything seems hard and like I’ll never make it.

In my pjs already, doubt I’ll be out of bed longer than 8pm.

How were your days? Tell me stuff to distract myself please.




Watched a fair amount of Twin Peaks.

Gonna do a little bit of work reading I need to in the park. Having some kind of sweet potato and red onion filo parcel for tea, probs with mushy peas.

Nothing else of interest, unfortunately.


hello ghosty
hello richy
hello unlucky
hello laelfy


Alright gp? My day was alright, until I uncovered a potentially mighty fuckup by a hospital and got a nonplussed response back. Waiting for an explanation/ corrective plan tomorrow and if I don’t get it I’ll be opening a can of whoopass*.

Got a really fancy ragu pasta dish and garly b for tea. And then I’ll do some MORE packing. Packing is going to turn into binning pretty soon.

* will probably write a slightly stronger worded email



I’m ill and depressed!


let’s be depressed together

what kind of ill are you?


when do you leave?


About four weeks so I’m more inclined to be strongly worded as I won’t have to go back again.


Just a bad cold, tired and my throats hurts, didn’t really sleep last night.

Was hoping to get on a diet and fitness kick this week in case it would give me inspiration to sort my life’s out but instead I’m just sitting in my dressing gown


Mrs Z and I were supposed to go to the theatre tonight but we both forgot. On a train home instead.


Mostly been traveling to Rijswijk. I am now in Rijswijk.

Currently doing the patent twat equivalent to shadow boxing in my hotel room.


clean knackered. ca’t be cba cooking. no junk food inda house. nearestchippy is four miles away.


Sorry to hear you are stupruggling btw, I’m sure you’ll see your tv again soon right? :slight_smile:


Hey gp! Hopefully this thread distracts you a bit! I know how hard it is missing a TV in a foreign land.

On the way to a radio interview where I’m being grilled for an hour about my life in music. Will make sure to mention Disintegration States @AphexTwinkletoes!

Last time I was on this bus route was the day before I quit the shittest job I’ve ever had. Feels cathartic having a drink as we drive into the sun before I’m interviewed about the reason I quit that job. Cheers!


Got caught singing along to hold music when phoning my bank kill me now


What was the song?


yeah, it’ll be a week or two, something like that. it’s not the whole reason i’m struggling, i’m a bit down in general, but it doesn’t help, you know?


Ahhhhh, jb! Amazing!


nice tshirt, i was just listening to destroyer’s rubies