Tuesday evening thread


Dunno how it is only Tuesday. Had a salad for dinner because I keep putting on weight. Nothing else to report, just snuggled under a blanket on the couch, gonna read my book.



About to drive home. To kill rush hour I went for a walk around; it’s really strange and melancholy how much the places around here in the sun are reminding me really strongly of last summer (and of all the stuff going on a year ago that really doesn’t feel like it happened an entire year ago).

tl;dr they call me the melancholy motorist, my tyres aren’t flat but my intonation may be


:frowning: hope you’re ok

I know exactly what you mean though, I can’t believe it’s been two years since I was in the hospital. Should be cause for celebration but I just can’t help focusing on how little progress I’ve made with my health.



when I was buying my dinner in the shop the girl at the checkout said “enjoy your dinner” and I said “thanks. you too.”



Trying to resist the allure of snacks


Tempted to start doing this with conviction.

“Enjoy your meal!”

“Thank you. You… Too…” [pointing finger]


A Kickstarter for one of my penoid card games arrived, including the EXTRA LARGE STORAGE BOX stretch goal, so I am now going to be spending the rest of the evening sorting cards. Bliss.



hey she’s probably going to eat some point


you’re an extra large storage box


fanx bbz :heart: :blush:


tempted to have a shower because I’m totally puerto. not doing anything other than watching TV tonight though so seems like a waste of time.

it’s not even that hot today.



Evening troops,

Got some food in the go then watching the football.
Quite fancy some beers for the game but gonna try and resist.


take a shower and liveblog it


Oh yeah the football, everyone’s gonna be in the football thread

The tv is still working and is gonna be all night, pretty bored tbh


I’m currently sat under the projector in a rapidly filling pub typing on my Macbook, waiting to bugger off to Idles. I think these people are going to watch football on the screen above me soon.


Going to have a cider on the walk home and then I’ll watch the football. Have a birthday party/reunion later so I’ll be a bit pissed.



Is that where the child reenters the womb?


Evening. Didn’t have any food in so I got ‘korean’ food delivered - feel a bit greasy now. Going to watch the football and love island, exactly the same as I’ve done every other weeknight this month. Allez les bleus!