Tuesday Evening Thread


Halloumi salad for dinner. Might have an ice cream.

Just lying on the couch and hoping that I can sleep well tonight.



Been in bed since 2. Think I got caught by a speedy van on the way home too. Being ill sucks


GWS @rich-t!


Just seen on Facebook 2 friends who do not live in my town have met each other in my town but not invited me, snubbed


Got a shit evening ahead of work. Just incessant right now.

Also just explained to my dad why finishing his already weird speech at my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary at the weekend by strongly implying we are disappointing them by not having had grandkids was a shitty thing to do. Which is obvs fun…

Record label stuff today has been nice at least.




Some of us aren’t even on Facebook 1 yet.


Dunno what to make for tea…
Started making a poll but couldn’t even BA with that.


Had roast chicken and roasties followed by the miniest of mini magnums. More New York itinerary planning tonight.


I got on ok at the dentists guys!

Though there were definitely some big old tories there and their tory children


Had this for tea. Gonna watch cycling then read :metal:

🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2018 🍆 🌻


Gf’s making Thai curry. I’m gasping for some gyoza but feel it would be undiplomatic to order some in when she’s nearly done making dinner.

Gasping, though.


Maybe they’re meeting for some pizza and are aware of your staggeringly wrong opinion on the matter.



these sound great!


Had a load of marked down sushi from Waitrose for tea. Watching the Handmaid’s tale now, off out for bike riding and beers in a bit xx


When you in NY?? We go Monday!! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


No, gyoza


Hi slicky! :wave:


Making some roast veg, posh potatoes, grill.stuff out the freezer, peas for tea.

Had gdpr training today, was so close to falling asleep. Was only the ludicrousness of the content that kept me alert.