Tuesday Evening Thread


dunno how it’s only tuesday.

had tomato salad for dinner with four mini veggie sausages. kind of getting used to dieting, i think.

no plans, as usual. will probably just fanny about on here.



Going to have spaghetti for tea. I love spaghetti.


i also love spaghetti. enjoy!


I’m trying really hard to resist the urge to buy some chocolate


My mum’s going to a steampunk wedding.


Home now thank fuck

Called someone a fucking cunt for using his phone while driving on the way home. Probably a bit strong but fuck him.

Feel like shiiiiiit so going to just read and drink tea or something.


what kinda chocolate?


Have pulled the after sun out the freezer and slathered it all my redness. Feels amazing.


Work was naff, as per. Got home, baby is being naff. My partner is watching Ozarks, so I’m doing a rewatch. Tea is chicken Kiev and a cuppa of sorts.

Naff naff


probably a big bar of tesco dark chocolate


how was your meeting with your boss? was that today or yesterday?



Going to have fah-jiy-tas then pop out to pick up my perineum-friendlier bike saddle and will probably get some Belgian buns while I’m out because fuck it, what’s why.




Turns out she doesn’t start until tomorrow. We were given the wrong date. Looking forward to telling her I’m demotivated and don’t want to be in this job any more tbh.


oh fajitas and belgian buns, sounds like a winning evening.


Hiya! :wave:

Some sort of chickpea stew for tea
I fitted a rack to my girlfriends bike
Now having a beer (batch no 3 of our home brew - Turned out great)


you could just get a small bar?


I’m afraid that would be impossible.

I have no willpower, the only option is to not go to the shop


what’s for dinner?


yeah i understand that

most of the time for me it’s laziness vs. greediness