Tuesday Evening Thread

Just turned my heating on for the first time.

Bought some burgers from Iceland for tea because I totally CBA.

Not sure what to do this eve, probably finish The Staircase. And a boom I’ve what on the go for ages.

Tell me what you’re up to.


I’m watching Minions with the boy to pass the time until bedtime. Hopefully it’ll be an easy one tonight since I’m on my own for the third night in a row, then I’ll be eating Chicken Kiev and Chips for dinner and scanning in my holiday snaps.

I’m going to see Deafheaven and Inter Arma tonight. I was worried I wouldn’t be cba to go but I’ve spent today listening to Sky Burial in the car and I’m quite excited.

Seeing Skate Kitchen at 8 at the Cineworld in the Docklands.

Properly tired though, haven’t slept properly this week. Might fall asleep at the cinema / on the tube home and wake up in Stanmore.

Working, as per usual. Found out today I have the honour of spending a good chunk of my Sunday making that well-travelled journey of Leeds to Antwerp for work :neutral_face:

that’s quite a trek!

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been working on music today, I have no idea if it’s good or terrible anymore.

send help

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Just back from Ikea, was not very busy thankfully

ate (shared, 70:30 in my favour imo) with the GF

Fish and chips (6/10)
Salmon and mash and fennel salad (7/10)
Kiev and chips (7/10)
Diam cake (7/10)
2x Hot dog (8/10)
Ice cream

Got a new lamp and some sofa throws. Living our best lives(?)

Probs good :wink:

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I’ve got to that point where I have no idea if there’s too much or not enough going on, if the mix sounds good or anythin

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For tea =


Is that an Easter egg, you fucking maniac?

:smile: it’s in the shape of a cocoa pod so I’m not quite sure… :sweat_smile:

Small perk of work is I get to taste test some products sometimes… cue Easter eggs in October… Pigs in blankets in May etc :smile:

  • Bite straight into that bad boy
  • Crack it/ smash into pieces

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It’s quite thick :smiley:


This stupid house has started falling apart. The casing thing on the wiring of the living room light fitting just fell off for no fucking reason. The slow leak in the kitchen ceiling looks like it’s getting worse, too.

Good thing I’m exchanging contracts on another house tomorrow, eh.

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Cooking this

And probably watch GBBO and Brooklyn 99 with some beer and wine. Staying up late as I’m working over night tomorrow into Thursday


Strong evening plans

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Blaaaaaah, not feeling massively well, was going to go out for a few drinks but I’m a bit late now. Sob sob sob.