Tuesday Evening Thread


no one seems to have started one of these. How’s it going?

Hey witches. Hope you’re well.

Had a good day taking the kids down to see my parents for the afternoon. Picked some blackberries for a crumble too. Apparently we’re having takeaway and drinks this evening. No idea what though. Listening to EITS, because I’m a sad lad


This is excellent, I would like a blackberry crumble please.


Still got a headache
Headaches are very boring aren’t they? What am i supposed to do, just lie down with my eyes closed all day? (@Epimer NOT headstands NO)

Made a good dahl and roasted sweet potato for dinner.

Have to send back a skirt and dress as they are too small. Urgh. Should have read the reviews as they all say the same

Back to school tomorrow. I don’t wanna.

Might have a wine. And a whine.

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Didn’t want to open this thread with this so I’ll leave it here instead…

Ugh, I went a bit blind with rage earlier and complained to the upstairs neighbours again about the noise. I feel a bit embarrassed but also a bit pissed off that I feel embarrassed. Grumble grumble.

Prawn masala and leftover takeaway rice tonight as made by this wonderful woman


Sorry to hear you’ve got a headache :confused: what kind of headache is it? I’ve got one at the moment too, it’s all tight around my forehead.

Where are the skirt and dress from? Sorry to hear about the sizing issue :frowning:


Evening all :wave:

All fine here. Did a day’s work, went for a bit of a walk afterwards, had a shower and now I’m here and about to watch Parks and Rec as usual.

@witches I think that noisy neighbours at perfect justification for blind rage! They are the ones who should be embarrassed for being so inconsiderate. Practical tip: keep a diary of any particular incidents, in case you need to get the council involved.


How big do you think our flat is?

Monki via ASOS. I mean they normally make everything big right?? Not these…

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I didn’t know we were moving in together, but ok! I’ll be over with my stuff in a few hours


Still getting through my Scout Pudding, made enough for about 20 people, I will happily accept my fate of eating delicious blackberry and amaretto biscuit pudding for the rest of the week.

Going to watch the Stewart Lee Nightengales doc tonight I think, whilst eating pie.


Sort of tension headache I think but it’s all over really. Horrible. Sorry to hear you’ve got one too!

There isn’t even room for my stuff in it

Is this back on Sky? Missed it the last time

I think its on now tv still? Idk. I only pay for the kids subscription but I think they’ve changed things recently so you can’t get kids in isolation anymore so they’ve given me the entertainment pass upgrade for free, keep meaning to make better use of it but its a frustrating app to find stuff on (also it doesn’t show your last watched episode so I just have to mentally keep track of where I’m up to). I’m hoping it’s on there! :crossed_fingers:

(Other now TV entertainment pass recs below please, succession aside)

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No idea what’s still on there but the Poly Styrene doc and Teenage Superstars were both great and on around the same time as the Stewart Lee one.

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