Tuesday evening thread

There isn’t one yet, is there? Well, there is one now.

Plain old pasta and tomato sauce for dinner here

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Also, isn’t it great that the mods have changed the settings so we can have “Tuesday evening thread” again, rather than a unique combination of words. Thanks mods


Had not-spag not-bol. Waiting for Fortnite to update so I can play a few games with mah banbeano, then might shoot some zombies and have an early night.

Had pasta with soft cheese mixed with pesto

Was shit


On the train home from our godforsaken capital (had a nice time, made a few detours to a) try Chai Guys (not as good as aura chai) b) walk past Wiltons Music Hall c) to buy some pistachio madeleines for M but the stall was shut.

Very tired. Need to go straight to bed when I get home, but I have to do a presentation for a meeting at 10am.

Might just quit instead.


Sometimes a simple pasta dish seems such a great idea. One of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life was pasta and tomato sauce - although that was at a posh restaurant on the Amalfi coast. Literally nothing will compare with that though. I should give up having it because I’ll never have better pasta again

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Also, I love wearing a mask on the train as no one can see my mouth open when I fall asleep

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After seeing your insta post I’m now going out almost solely to buy chai ingredients

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Stressful and unsatisfying day at work. And it’s fucking freezing. Gonna have an Anna Jones halloumi and chickpeas thing tonight but it’s gonna take something to distract me from my sulk tbh

Temperature seems to have suddenly plummeted over the past hour. Had to check I hadn’t inadvertently left the back door open

Conchiglie and soy-based meat substitute sauce

Think i’ve recovered from the hangover bit and am now into the existential dread phase. Brrrr. Meant to go out for a run tonight but absolutely no chance of that happening. Think i’ll have a nice long bath and an early night.


Spunked a whole load of future credit card debt on the og bairn’s upcoming birthday and both bairn’s Christmasses.

Wife still got a rotter of a cold and I can feel one brewing. So to help my immune system with this imminent battle I’m going to the pub to watch the Scotland game.

Not a lot planned tomorrow but hoping I don’t wake up feeling like death.

nights are fair drawing in


Gnome’s cooking us a Maafe and I’m very excited, imo.

just looked up what this is and now i want it

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You certainly do. Had one last year, in a restaurant @Hostile_17 recommended in Brussels and was hooked.

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BIG fan of Lidls salmon in puff pastry. Had that with cheesy brocolli and potato mash. YES.

Watching Easy on Netflix and I want pretty much all the apartments/decor in the apartments :scream: they’re all so niiiiice.