Tuesday Evening Thread

Alright? Had a very hectic 10 hour day at work. Turns out everyone wants to buy beer for some reason. Also happy to announce that the festive tea season has begun

But what is going on with you though?


Can’t be arsed. How’s it only Tuesday? Soup or Huel or some shite for tea.

Evening all went to Bents Garden Centre after picking the biggest up from Nursery. Anyway got a jelly belly advent and these 2 cans of 100 ml

The main question is how much where these cans?

One was dearer than the other, need to stop going in that ridiculous food hall. Back at 7 once the kids are in bed.

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Evening et al!

We had pizza for tea and we’re going to put the tree up if The Child finishes eating.

Still cold, isn’t it?

Big fan of this style of sculpture that I’ve noticed is quite popular in Liverpool. Is there a term for it?

Nothing else to report.


£4.50 for the expensive one, £4.20 the cheaper

Also, evening all!

Got a chicken not-really-a-lasagne in the oven for tea.

Gonna eat that and watch the football.

Hey up.

Took the kids on a trip to a local museum to look at Anglo Saxon stuff today, was very exciting.

Then did some Charleston dancing and now it’s pasta pesto haloumi for dinner as I am too tired for anything else.

Is there football on?

£5 for the Negroni, £5.50 for the other one.

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making a batch of roast tomato soup. also making some dinner. pretty stressful day, fighting the urge to have a drink.

Evening all :wave:

Day off was nice. Got a bunch of Christmas stuff sorted, had our oven cleaned which is now :sparkler: SHINY :sparkler: and baked Speculaas biscuits, a batch of which are now being delivered to our friends


The Pocket Negronis are like £4-5

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I am very interested in someone coming to clean my oven! Might save up for this and treat myself on my birthday. Was it just a local cleaning company?


Preparing sprouts and getting sad I don’t have rats to feed the offcuts too :frowning:

(They are going in a stock though)

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Nativity is so so bad.


Are those Pocket Negronis any good? I’ve seen them at the shop. I’m curious but haven’t bought one yet.

Well done you and @Funkhouser the Negroni was £5 which I found ridiculous to begin with. The old fashioned £7.50 WHAT THE FUCK. If I wasn’t already at the till I wouldn’t have bothered better be bloody good.


Yes, just a local business! Our oven was absolute filth beforehand and now it’s like new. 10/10 would recommend

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Hi hi hi


Quite annoyed at how much I enjoy Superstore. But it really does nail how bad it is in customer services.