Tuesday Evening Thread

Alright? Had a nice day, went for a picnic and a walk then been watching Simpsons all afternoon, which I will continue to do. Bought a ticket for Saturday’s football too so that’s nice. Kievs, chips and peas for tea. Might drink up to four (4) beers also. What’s going on then?


Got everyone in the house all psyched up for pizza.

Pizza place was shut.

So Co op misery pizza it is with some chips from the Chinese.


Drinking Baileys in January

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  • A wonderful winter drink that extends beyond Xmas

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You monster

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In bed with a temperature, aches, cough and a headache. The LFT came back negative though. Can’t get a PCR till Thurs. Probably not Rona but currently very bored and in bed.

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Alright funkman.

Had the kid for a day of emergency childcare. Went soft play, shopping and watched toy story 4. She then helped make pizza dough (see insta stories) and we’ve just eaten said pizzas. Excellent.

Tonight, I’ll make the bed (ah fresh sheets) and watch some crap on TV with a beer.


If the line on the LFT is quite feint, does that still mean I’m positive?

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Unexpectedly going to see Porridge Radio (I found out about 30 minutes ago). I’ve never knowingly heard any of their music, but they’re playing in a repurposed public toilet in my hometown, so :man_shrugging:


French Yes GIF by Groundhog Day


They’re a lovely live band.

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Porridge Radio
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  • I dislike this band name so much that it has proactively stopped me listening to their music

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(if its within half an hour I think it’s a positive)

Did the line appear within half an hour of you taking the test? If so, it’s positive I’m afraid.

If it’s more than half an hour old, though, it might not be accurate.

This happened to us on New year’s Eve with the unbelievable good value of €4 warme pizzas at Albert Heijn XL during happy hour. Happy hour was cut one hour shorter that night. I was distraught. Ended up having more-expensive and much more shit New York Pizza instead.

I am sorry for your loss.

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Co op pizzas are nice imo.


It was within 15 minutes. Aw well, thanks for letting me know.

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I’ve ordered a dirty dominos

Jessica and I have reached a compromise re my rather sensitive lap and her burning need to sit on it


Bit of both maybe


There are adult humans who go around ordering and drinking glasses of milk in public? Country’s gone to the dogs.


The good pizza place we used to order from seems to have closed down. The two closest (decent) chippies have gone too.