Tuesday Evening Thread

I’m afraid a faint positive line would mean it’s positive.

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Had to introduce myself via a short presentation in the company meeting today and I included a photo of me as a baby

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Really good day, did loads of walking, booked in to get a bank account and a haircut (separate buildings) tomorrow, got some nice chicken in the oven, it’s all good


They’re a great live band. A very good album from 2020 but live they’re brilliant.


I’ve got a leftover Xmas pudding that I’m planning on eating any day now


How prominent was it, and on which slide? Great move imo

Never mind

Evening everyone :wave:

Made bolognese then ate it. Watching Mortimer and whitehouse Christmas fishing program.

Need to shower soon. Cba.

Trying to kind of diet at the moment, would like to have eaten approx 5 times the amount of dinner I had.




Actually rhe pizza was pretty dece. Added extra mozz obv.

Voted for internet, cos I’m pretty sure “spidermen” isn’t a real thing

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Just to be boring we used to do pregnancy testing using lateral flow devices/technology.

It’s obviously a “visual” test and sometimes individuals might miss a line near the positive area if it was very faint. A faint line albeit very faint still meant a positive.

Those pregnancy test kits measure BhCG in urine but is essentially the same technology as Covid lateral flow devices. A blood BhCG could also be measured via a more specific and sensitive technique called immunoassay on a Biochemistry analyser and always tallied up with the positive (faint line) urine pregnancy test.

Sorry that was meant to be a reply to @ma0sm


Evening, by the way.

Had a decent day. Took the dog for a nice walk this morning. Gave the house a good clean this afternoon and had the house valued

Went and had a look at* another potential new house.

*Literally drove there and looked at it/the area, rather than an actual viewing.

Just ordered massala cod and battered chips for tea.


Anyone got any tips for getting six year olds to acknowledge that it’s bedtime? Asking for a friend.

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I appreciate the detailed explanation, thank you

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Evening :wave:

Going to add to the wonderfully high poll levels by re-posting a very important one I made elsewhere this morning


  • Taking off
  • Landing

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Hovering not an option. Not having it. Sorry

Wouldn’t be firing up the side bits to land would they?

I think they’re waving and wishing the person a safe journey


Sometimes they do. Thunderbird two (I think) had boosters fired up to give itself a gentle landing.



Bit of a shitty work day and now I’m having misery pesto pasta with veggies for dinner because I massively cba to go shopping. Really fancy a nice takeaway but being good with money (boring!).

Going to snuggle under my sofa duvet with the cats on my lap and watch tv.