Tuesday evening thread

Think this is the first time I’ve ever done day thread and evening thread in one day

What are you up to?

Also, unrelated but while I’ve got your attention, is anyone here any good with google data studio?



Watching Trash if the Titans on c4+1, they edited out the sex offender line but not Moe’s theres always a line, sort of funny /endofsimpsons nerdery

Gonna go do some eating. Pretty tired.

Evenin froggo et al. Bottled my run home from work coz i was sure it was gonna rain but of course it didnt. Might go out before dinner, hmmm. Nowt planned. Need to buy a new laptop that i cant really afford. Gonna watch some Joel and Maggie show and go to bed.


Bath tonight I think, need to do some enforced reading as last night I just wasted time online and I’m trying to do more fulfilling stuff than that. One night of it was enough to raise the aimless anxiety levels today. Might do a bit of writing maybe, the foxes are ripe for an ode.

Just reading about Prince Andrew and Kanye (hadn’t known anything about him and KK not being together but was seeing a lot of kanye memes on insta tonight and was curious as to why). Good to see another day tick by where the men are upholding their fine reputations (and another day where predatory behaviour is a fun meme lol).


Pasta & tomato and basil sauce followed by apple crumble & custard for pudding

I’m knackered. Could go to bed right now tbh

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Brian Harvey Special for dinner, gonna rewatch some more Superstore and drink some squash I reckon.

Evening colleagues

Made carbonara for tea. Bought some fancy spaghetti and it was hollow like a straw, so that was unusual.

Such a good meal. Its got the added bonus of feeling quite sophisticated and mastercheffy but actually being really simple.

Going to wash up, find something on TV and probably eat some chocolate.

Edit: Wife informs me we have ice cream


Had steak and chips for tea. Binging this is going to hurt.

I want your dinner please

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Evening. Barely any food in the house. God knows what’s for dinner. Just going to spend the evening looking at my new haircut I think.


I had that kind once - extra fancy

Your haircut looks great (just saw it on IG!)

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I’ve just ordered enough dominos to hopefully feed me the next couple of days cos I’m a ball of anxiety.

Watching love is blind Brazil as that’s all I can cope with. Bit of self care :space_invader:

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Evening all

Fine day, had a lovely catch up with someone I used to work with over lunch, otherwise uneventful.

Having PIZZA tonight though. On a Tuesday! Even allowing myself a beer so I can do it right. Want to try and find that new British Design Challenge or whatever it’s called on Sky I think.


:hugs: hope you’re ok. Pizza and self care sounds like a good plan x


Yeah don’t worry, I just don’t cope well with interview stress. It’s all part of the process for me though :smile:


:wave: hiiiii

Just got in from work. 3.5 hour round trip for two meetings, one of which could have definitely been an email.

Feeling a bit out of sorts because my ex sent me flowers yesterday which just interrupts my whole getting over everything tbh but got falafel for dinner and more MAFS to watch. Going to sit under the sofa duvet, no doubt with Audrey and Norma.

gah! That’s not what you need :confused:


Baking for the first time in forever - Ben’s cookies here we come! @Epimer

Chippie for dinner cos we’re both sick here feeling top level pathetic

Vintage 70s horror later and THATS ALL SHE WROTE

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I’m working on a venue where Jimi Hendrix played so I’m just wandering about thinking Jimi Hendrix stood here, Jimi Hendrix probably went in this toilet cubicle, Jimi Hendrix looked out of this window

I’ve got a cold :sob:

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