Tuesday evening thread


Evenin’ all. What are you all up to this evening?

I am going to:

  • Watch Cork City play Dundalk on the telly.
  • See a short film I helped write and record the soundtrack for.
  • Watch the ‘Ziggy Stardust…’ film as part of a film festival.

I want to but am not going to:

  • Take pills and listen to Fang Island and the Mae Shi all night.


That sounds like a splendid Tuesday night paisan :slight_smile:


Almost certainly not going to the pub to watch the Scotland game


watching a vt about clowns on the local news. 65 cases of clown scares in teeside. 19 cases in cumbria in one day. they’ve went to ask a touring circus what they think and they’re so sad that people are giving clowns a bad name.


Watch football, some TV, early night. Working away tomorrow :worried:


going to sit alone and think about suicide



I was planning on leaving work at like half 4 after one meeting I had at 4 and then finishing off some work from home, but they made the meeting last til 6 so fuck that.

currently I plan on eating some pringles and then beyond that I dunno.


What flavour Pringles?


I wonder why…


Hello friends, in the office innit.


Aww, the poor sad clowns.


We’re here if you need us Bam!


just finishing up at the library reading about the relationship between eu and public international law :nerd:


thanks, I need something real in my life, I feel like it’s all just a bad dream.



I also have some xtra spicy chilli sauce ones, and some walkers paprika stax or whatever they’re called because they were on offer and I seemingly can’t resist any crisps placed in a tube


Going to attempt to record some musical saw, eat a sandwich


The Aldi version are called Stack Chipz or something.


No problem Bam, happy to listen to whatever you have to say.

Here’s something I recorded earlier this year Bam, don’t know if I showed you or not. Want to make more stuff like it.


There was a version I used to get from Aldi or lidl or possibly even Kwik Save when I lived in Feltham that was a tube but in a tray so you slid all the crisps out in one go, and they were so artificial looking and coloured and had a fake criss cross on them to look grilled but the chilli ones were ace. May have eaten the whole pack in one sitting on more than one occasion.