Tuesday Evening Thread

Alright? Absolutely slathered my back in Deep Heat and it’s a little bit better now. Gonna have a bacon, cheese & chilli jam baguette and chips for tea, watch Brooklyn 99 and lie down as much as possible. Hbu?


Chicken burgers and watching creed 3


Watched Insidious and Shotgun wedding this afternoon. Quite the juxtaposition

This evening should entail chips and pitta pizza. Bit of telly and some wondering at the rain

Maybe another film :popcorn: Why not?



Had pretty much this exact dinner last night. 10/10

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Chicken wings and I’m gonna try and get some reading done dammit

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Could really a go a night of nothing but no, agreed to host DnD at ours - hmm

Snacky food and maybe a cocktail during that, then some stuffed pasta and veg after

Got cold, might have to put the heating on ffs

Tried to go to the Natural History Museum with the kiddo today. Forgot it was school holidays and there was a queue round the block. Ended up with him asleep on me in the basement of the V&A, then a stupidly packed underground home. Can’t wait to get out of London.


Maybe pizza and find somewhere to watch man city?

Feel pretty goosed tbh


Made some pizzas (documented in the day thread). Drinking a schofferhoffer and making track with the kids before doing bath and bedtimes with them.

Might watch that Agatha Christie thing that’s been on ITV this weekend, have some ciders and plan the next couple of days in Bristol



Man it was tiring being back at work :yawning_face:

Gonna have fish and chips from the freezer with a can of mushies cos that’s about all I’ve got but I’m not complaining

Won’t move far from the sofa otherwise. Might try that Beef show

I watched the 1st ep last night and had a nice time with it. Might do another tonight


Evening all!

We spent the day walking around town spending vouchers that The Child and Wor Lass accumulated during the last two years. I bought some coffee and some books (despite being four months into my ‘no new books until you finish the ones you own’ year).

I made a Thai red curry to use up some curry paste in the fridge and salmon from the freezer. It was OK.

I need to plan a class tonight. Hopefully I can do that while Wor Lass does bedtime and then we’ll watch a film.

Get a calzone tomorrow lunchtime from that place in utrecht imo

I also watched it, but sorta fell asleep about ½ way through. So gonna rewatch

Which place?

Broodje Mario

It’s a rubbish city / country for street food so i go there quite a lot if i wanna eat something on the hoof

it’s cash only tho

A blessed day


Tuesy wuesy was good wasn’t it