Tuesday evening thread


No evening thread the one time I really want one? :no_mouth:

Cotton the gerbil died.

He had a heart attack at the vet’s as my mum was paying for his antibiotics for a respiratory infection. They put him on oxygen but he didn’t make it


Sorry to hear that!


you dealing with it ok?


I’m having a bad time in general but everybody knows that. Still working on getting thinner though so that’s something


Aw no! Your poor gerbil! I hope you’re okay imaperv!

I’m just sitting in and watching the football this evening. Might have a beer later.


Really sorry to hear about Cotton. Hope you and your mum are ok.

I’m just making some dinner to have later when my bf gets back from work. Had a bagel to keep me going. Going to do my international law reading and start week 3 of couch to 5k.


Aw I’m sorry about Cotton :frowning: I love jolly little gerbils, hope you’re ok x

Just about to eat bizarro makeshift roast that I’m well excited by, gonna watch some Gilmore Girls then head to bed for what should be another very much needed sleep.

No-one gives a shit when you drag yourself in to work when you’re not up to it to please the powers that be, do they?


RIP Cotton.

Still aching. :frowning:

Bought some new pillows, that’s about it.


Poor Cotton :cry:

Did lots of underwater swimming this morning, well Scout Jnr did, then I had lunch in Leaf - went for a healthy salad and it was about 2 pounds of cheese! Then had the most stressful afternoon and didn’t make it along to the book launch I contributed to, and I’m in bed having not done any reading for my lecture tomorrow. Fuck.

Bought a nice new bobble hat though for £2.


sorry about your hamster. godspeed cotton.

I will be spending the evening listening to various cover versions of song to the siren simultaneously on youtube, stumbled across how good/weird this sounds last night, gonna experiment with different songs


rip cotton


sorry to hear about Cotton, hope you’re ok xx

Unfortunately I can empathise a lot as my dog had to be put down today. The day we got him when I was 10 was one of the best days of my life and the phone call with my dad yesterday evening when I found out was one of the worst.


keep accidentally stealing shuttlecocks from badminton


seemed like a great dog


Ah no, sorry to hear about Cotton. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m doing everything in my power to avoid things I really need to do. It’s my first day on here and I’ve already liked lots of peoples posts and composed probably far too many msgs. Everyone seems really cool though, so I don’t feel too bad. Haha.


aw man sorry to hear.

this is not a cheery thread.


Aw gonad! That’s so sad. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’re okay.


sorry, pervo.

i’m still at work when i have a 90min journey home sigh needed a break so did go out for battered halloumi though


Battered Halloumi? Why have I not had this!? That sounds amazing.


yeah it’s like a veggie fish and chips substitute. this place had really good mushy peas. (love mushy peas)