Tuesday evening thread

Better late than never

I’m hungry. Having fish for dinner shortly.

Alright. Nice day, albeit long. Had pesto pasta with bacon and mushrooms for tea. Succession and hopefully a much better night than last night.

Alright? Very long day. Had a bit of the ol’ gammo for tea

Watching Popmaster from last night then found a channel on Pluto TV that just plays Come Dine With Me 24 hours a day so will probably watch that till bedtime.


Fully crap day, blerg. Dragging myself out to a gig now, could do with staying in but tbh think I’ll just stew and have fomo over the gig tomorrow. Just a little walk away so can always bail if I start feeling weird

Hope everyone else is decent

So tired. Might go to bed

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Spent hours applying for universal credit as working tax credits are ending - pleased to see it’s an arduous process and something you need to keep doing every time you pay for childcare :smiling_face_with_tear:

Then I did a credit card balance transfer because I’m drunk on financial admin

What a night.


Evening all!

I’m in Tunisia.

I think I’ve burned the back of my neck.

We haven’t been here 24 hrs yet.


Had a Gimto. Gin and vimto. Lying on bed after putting kids to bed and cat has decided she is going to sit about 5 inches from my face. :cat::frowning_man:


Tired. Full day workshop, although this all timer was in the room.

Then home via the MiL to do some IT helpline business. Sorted 75% of what needed sorting.

Now home, done some lego with the youngest (Technic Porsche, lot of fun), and now finishing Elton at Glasto from Sunday.


It’s very weird doing a job where there’s almost no scope for internet browsing (save for lunchtimes, but even then, people actually leave their desks and have lunch).

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Tonight’s Seinfeld guest appearance: Bob Odenkirk

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I also had gammon, egg, chips and peas. In my case, at the Gatwick Premier Inn. Yours looks better if I’m honest.

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I very much enjoy it :star_struck:

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Finishing my bit of festival holy rollers, might melt into the chair. Will cook up a miso soup in a bit. And packing, I’m moving on friday and have a stag do sat (not mine) (obviously :frowning: )

Sorry I’ve already finished it.

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Met up with my atd and was so excited I boarded the train the skips my station LOL

Oh god the train is absolutely crawling :weary: I just wanna get home, cuddle Misty and go to bed!

I do feel like I’m going to be able to achieve some kind of work/life balance though. I left the house at 7.45am and got home at 5pm and still managed to do 45 minutes of overtime :blush:


End of term. Went to pub at just after 1. Behaved myself and was home by half 7 - god bless cooking lager.

Watching 1% club. Bed soon.

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Evening, played football, listening to a cricket podcast

That’s why they call me Dr. Sportsman