Tuesday evening thread

Evening chat in here pls

Someone tell me how I can stay awake until bed time

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Gonna make fajitas, watch aforementioned CLASSIC, shower, pack for holiday, set many early AM alarms ugh ugh, book taxi to airport, early bed hopefully

Probs should do another half an hour work but I feel I don’t want to and like it might also uncover a bunch of stuff that will take longer to fix which isn’t the vibe

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I had to stop work because I was doing database training and was at risk of actually falling asleep at my laptop

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Went for a nap at 5, just woke up



Cornish pasty, chips, beans for tea.

Watch a bit of tv - highlights of men riding bicycles or something - and then early bed.

I would also like a nap but if I go for one my boyfriend will wake me up wanting his dinner, like a dog. He’s already eaten a cornetto because he was hungry and i hadn’t started cooking. (He is capable of cooking dinner but it’s my turn)


Did the big shop after work. Just had a fish finger baguette and air fryer potatoes for tea. Gonna spend the rest of the evening watching the telly and sitting down I reckon.


Tired Zzz GIF

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Just finished work. Off for a Turkish

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Another busy day in what now seems like an eternity of busy days. Amongst other things

:white_check_mark: sorted kiddo’s nursery place
:white_check_mark: prepared and posted a bunch of wedding invitations
:white_check_mark: finished a presentation in a day that probably should have taken closer to a week

But also

:poop:call from wedding reception venue which will probably now have to change because they’ve been hit with noise complaints (and lots of other :dollar: things tangled up in that to sort out)
:poop: which means those invites which we spent weeks and :dollar: on and finally got posted are now wrong :upside_down_face:

Doesn’t event look like that much written down but I’ve really been craving a normal job recently for the first time since I set up on my own. Can’t imagine what it would be like to have any time to do… nothing, at the minute.


Dragged myself to the cinema for Asteroid City, mistimed the walk so having to watch the adverts currently. Think it’s only the second cinema trip of the year.

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Kiddo is sick. I have to do some work this evening which sucks. Tired.

Big theory day learning about being a train person.

Ankle is recovering … slowly.

Guy I fancy keeps liking my posts.

After many attempts I just finally managed to fill in a health questionnaire where a surprising number of my answers were “No I don’t have that”. Hopefully my reward will be a general anaesthetic. Exciting!

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Just logged off. Set up my monitor, so now a dual screen wanker :grimacing:

Had lasagna for tea

Succession and an orange and lemonade.


Big bowl of pasta for tea.

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Shit day at work, shit mood, argh

Had 2 guinesss at lunch, then went for a Vietnamese, now off to see Asteroid City at Everyman with a paloma


Got quite a bit of broth on my tshirt