Tuesday evening thread


had a burrito for lunch and the wife’s just text to say she’s making burritos for tea. what a time to be alive!



Oi oi



Think I’ve got a fever coming on. Fuck off, everything.


Is there some sportball happening tonight?


Yus. England Spain friendly



*you can use this if you want.


thanks mate
:burrito: :burrito:




May I offer BurriTwosDay…


If you were a bird your call would sound like ToEatTwo Bureetoo

You don’t want this


yo pals. drinking ale and fixing a simple dinner. rice/fish/veg.

feeling quite hedonistic tonight for some reason. got 3 ales in, but my heart is saying walk to Londis and pick up another 5. could do with getting twatted tonight, tbh

got some tremendous hash and weed in. damn! might make a mix up spleedo and spend the evening looking through the cupboards for things that definitely wont be in the cupboards



Got some serious personal admin that I HAVE to do today but I’m not gonna.
About to investigate dinner possibilities. Burritones are not on the cards unfortunately. Probably something involving rice and tofu.


Got five pages left of colouring book to ink up.


Alright people.

Just had 2 chocolate and vanilla custard donuts, pretty much it


Bloody hell mate. Show some restraint!


The Ocado man was late and I had planned my evening around him not being late and now I am mad as hell fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


No, I will not.


Might go and see three trapped tigers, might not


Unlucky mate, he’s already decided that mine is the best pun.



*you can use this if you want