Tuesday Evening Threadd

Think you mean 6-9 thirds m8


World Cup Of Things That Are Perfectly Fine

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Good evening @profk and pals.

In a bit of a grump. I originally had two invites tonight, turned down one thing for the other and now that’s not happening as my friend has to work late. Keep meaning to go sit in the garden and read but have been inexplicably choring for the last two hours instead. Atleast I won’t miss lunch for the next two days as I made us a frittata.

6 years today we moved into this, our very own (but mostly the banks) house! So I am going to cheer the heck up and enjoy some prosecco :champagne:

Enchiladas for dinner again :blush:

Pressed reply accident. Meant to wish you all a happy Tuesday. Have enjoyed the shabs and bants on the boards today, thanks mates :kissing_closed_eyes:


Made some Asian fried chicken for dinner :drooling_face:


Those wedges look excellent!

I cant believe you’ve done this

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I was strongly considering suggesting a pint in the local tonight but it turns out it’s shut while they film Gavin and Stacey in it. FFS.

Is there anything James Corden can’t ruin?


They’re just sliced potatoes bunged in an oven :woman_shrugging:

Hi team.

I’m boozing it up in a corner of a central London pub on my own for a bit. Later, I’m off to see a band. Luckily WFH tomorrow, so don’t need to stress too much about overdoing it.


Watching Lion King with kids. Quite a few big themes in that one!

Me - would you be sad if daddy died?

4 year old - I’d be really worried if mummy died, but not worried if you died

Me- image


… But Not Really Worthy of Winning Their Own Categories.

You’re right to be fair. I’ve got no beef with the local Indian Takeaway or malty chocolate balls.


Did you manage to keep pedalling the whole way up?

Who are you seeing?

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Doves @ Somerset House - they’re one of the few bands I’ve liked to listen to when I’ve been feeling my worst in recent years… a bit of a comfort blanket I guess, so really looking forward to it.



Is the weather nice? SH is such a great venue when the sun is shining.

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of course!

can’t say the same for @plasticmike though. wahey

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We did that one before. Was delicious.

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Did my own version this time, I’ve had enough recipes I like now that I’ve stopped getting the boxes and just make my favourites