Tuesday evening time

I have an addiction to tomatoes.

I have been on both a run and a bike today.

Here is my food so far:

And here are some cats


Sofa snoozing watching Only Connect

About to get up in a second to grab a beer with the old friend who disappeared from contact for a solid year. Will believe it when it happens but should be a lovely time. Then off to see Colson Whitehead talk about his new book

Snack dinner somewhere in there too

the fruit fly situation is untenable

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Evening all!

I’ve had a long and unproductive day at work today which I don’t always mind but my pre-teaching time normally involes shorter days when I get shit done.

I bought The Child a Happy Meal for tea because I’m a cool parent and because I couldn’t be bothered cooking properly for her. She’s back at school tomorrow so she probably deserves it.

We’ll hopefully get a chance to watch Cocaine Bear after The Child is in bed.

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Did some fries in the air fryer, chucked a load of cheese on em for the last 90 seconds and had that with a supermarket chicken jalfrezi for tea. Inspired choice tbh.

Not seen any interesting cats but the people across the road from us have got a new puppy. Only seen it out the window a couple of times. Wife went and spoke to it earlier and I’m jealous.


Hey up

Made a quiche for dinner with salad, corn and potatoes. Was alright

Going to take dog over the field in a bit then decide somewhere to go tomorrow - looking for a beach within few hours drive of Bath that allows dogs if that’s possible Hmmm

Now I’m having a cup of popcorn and waiting for lamb flatbreads in las uvven

Making the most of beautiful weather with dogs and donkeys


I roasted some cauliflower and other veg and served with wraps and hot sauce.

I followed it with a mini cherry and raspberry crumble and custard, a lemon yogurt and a salted caramel chocolate teacake.

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Was pissing rain when I finished work so sat down for a while to let it go off before I went to the shop to get stuff for tea and I’ve just woken up an hour later.

  • Go to the shop
  • Get a takeaway
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Very long and tiring day involving some unexpected driving about and manual labour. Made some steak tacos for tea, gonna eat 'em, drink some beers and watch the telly until bedtime.

My new best friend

And my nemesis

Proper crap day. E is at her parents having dropped the dog off with them prior to us going away at the weekend, so I have literally not spoken to anyone all day (living the dream tbh). Somehow knackered my back just after breakfast so I have been hobbling like a demented goblin ever since, made some pasta for tea but messed up the sauce so it was far too salty, and just opened a beer which turned out not to be very good. Going to eke out another couple of hours to make it look respectable and then go to bed and read

Alright. Slow work day. Done bedtime, now gonna cook up some spicy noods and fried broc. Been on a MJ Lenderman trip today. Consistently excellent.

Beers and GoT after dinner

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Done sooooo much talking today. Saw my atd after work and we got ice cream, which was really nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I miss my friends so much.

On my way back to the coast, very excited to sleep :yawning_face:

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Off to a gig and I think I need a shit

Solid OP, @tilty :+1:

I’ve had to go and pick up a delivery of hay from the nearest pickup point (Matalan) as the courier didn’t read either the delivery instructions or the note on the door. The hay suppliers put in little wholesome puns with the invoice slip- but I’m not sure what “wheek” means here?


Watching football and trying to research inflatable beds. Trying to plan a few wedding bits too. Mostly want to sleep tbh.

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Evening. Had a walk round Tenby in the sun this afternoon, got an ice cream earlier and now very full after fish and chips. Might pop to the pub in a bit.