Tuesday Evening Tiredness

Evening all!

It’s been a long but successful first day back after BH.

I’m on strike again tomorrow that’s all my momentum used.

How are you?


met this nice fellow animal passing through Abney Hall Park. they were just having a rest under a tree.


Evening :wave:

Making spag bol for dinner :yum:

I’ve started watching Selling Sunset so will watch some more of that whilst I eat.

No other news.


Just walked right past maria bamford

not that much of a surprise because I’m about to see her show but still! Starstruck

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Definitely not regretting having 3 kids over for a sleepover.

Absolutely not. Nope.



She was linking arms with a mysterious gentleman :shushing_face:

Been sat here eating biscuits and watching This Life since about 2pm.

what kind of biscuits?

I gave her a good pet and she seemed to be going into a blissful trance

grumbled a bit when I stopped

A bit less worried but kind of fearing going to bed and still not being sure quite what’s up

Found a potential job that suits. Am too tired to do anything about it today though. Fry up for tea. Off tomorrow.


Just rearranged my kitchen cupboard, if you know what I mean. Making some not-quite-misery pasta for tea as a special treat. Need to catch up on a few episodes of Northern Exposure. Only a month til I go to Alaska and i’m way behind :scream: do need to get back into some sort of exercise plan as well but… that’s a tomorrow job.


Custard creams (x28).


hope you had a few brews for those

I’m going through a lot of biscuits lately, more than ever perhaps, but I’ve spoiled myself a bit with those Lu biscuits

think I need to slow myself down in the shop and remember that custard creams are still pound for pound the best of all biscuits

Choccy malted milk for me, pal.


Already in bed. Might power through and finish my book so I can start my next book. Or a different next book.


Went for my first run in a month and a half, bit stiff. Watching the football and having one (1) beer, then Better Call Saul, then bed.

Didn’t get out of bed all day so have had a shower and thinking about having a Huel or something.

Oh, this beer is :poop:

Went out with my new team for the first time (after 18 months of working with them)


Safely back at home now. :face_in_clouds: