Tuesday evening vegetarian-friendly thread


Hi everyone. Having tacos for tea. How are you??

(No smees allowed)


I just woke up from a pretty good nap. But can’t be bothered getting up.

Not really that hungry. Might just have some cereal.


Hello, going to Waitrose to get cat food (the type they like is on offer there atm) so will get my dinner stuff too, thinking about some slightly freezerburned chickpea burgers I made that are really nice, will probably get bread, sweet chili and salad stuff to have them with


Sound good tbh. I had some chickpea crisps the other day that were really nice.


TV just sent me this that we’re gonna make :heart_eyes:


UPDATE: we’re having enchiladas


had a big lunch at a really nice little organic Lebanese place so probably just gonna make a salad

got nuts, grapes, broccoli, lettuce, avocado, tomato, mint etc. so I can make quite a few different things here hmmm

I am so bad at learning languages


2 evening threads? I don’t like this


Ashamed of myself that I didn’t call out this woman I was interviewing earlier when she had a massive random rant about travellers and this country being too tolerant of other cultures.

Got a bag of cans with my m7s on the rye to forget about it all.


how did that come up in an interview?


pick a side!!!


really want a good vegetarian fish pie


It was a ux interview, so she wasn’t trying to get a job. Just came up in the obligatory get to know each other preamble, and apparently she’d just got off the phone to complain about some situation where they’d camped in a field near her house.


do they exist??


yeah i reckon
veggie butcher near me does mackerel. the sky’s the limit my friend


had massive haloumi burger with roasted veg and chips for lunch, this was about an hour after eating a mega chocolate muffin.

Hence no dinner as yet, might have flatbread and houmous once I have finished my work.

Made the kids boiled eggs, one of them noticed mould on his toast. Can’t be bothered to go to the shop for more bread and the rest of it looks OK so am going to hope it doesn’t mould overnight - have stuck it in the fridge so it’ll e fine, right?


What the!!



you can’t make me

think I’m going to have sausage and mash tonight

wait, shit, this should be in the pork thread


Mole enchiladas are the best food :heart_eyes: