Tuesday evening - we allow the peasants to relax

I mean I’m a jammy git so I’ve been relaxing all day. Croissant for brekkingtons, three coffees, saw my auntie who gave me an Easter egg and then a 24 mile bike ride.

Josh must win and wine (later) with coconut cauliflower curry for dins.

And thou?


Evening all!


Evening all :wave:

On my way back from London. Was a lovely day but my feet are killing me now. Was very glad to find a seat in the Science Museum and let the Cheeksters navigate their way around one of the exhibitions independently. Pizza Union is always a reliable choice for tea.

London was busy though, verrrry busy.


Working on my album. Thinking about ordering a new suit. That’s the whole situation

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Just surfing the world wide web


Pretty exhausting day. Hoping for the next few to be slightly more chill.


Very tired. Making lamb, mint & feta burgers and garlic & rosemary chips for tea then I’ll drink 2 (two) cans of Stowford Press and watch Mrs Maisel until bedtime.


Your day sounds perfect!

Just baby duties and work for me but nice enough x

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Seeing these lads on Thursday.

About to end a shite day with a difficult client call that could all but put an end to our favourite current project :upside_down_face: gonna eat loads and loads of dinner afterwards though so that’s something to look forward to.

Another (endless) ‘visit’ from one of the juniors, because apparently the food here is ‘free’. He’s straight out to the pub quiz, which I assume must also be free.

This be the verse needs an update.


Toad in the hole, mash, red onion gravy

Some of The Wire

So cold and bored

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Just about managed to settle my brain down last night after four days of trying…then back on it today and have achieved the sum of fuck all. Trying not to think about it too much as it is done now. But that to do list ain’t getting any shorter.

Anyway. Just sorting out the boy’s bed-time (girls are out at the panto). Gonna eat some kind of generic pasta tonight, do a b-service tidy up and do some DJing. May also read a bit. Of course the tidy up may swallow the whole evening, who really knows?

Hoping to feel a bit less flat soon. Not quite Stanley but getting there.


pssst there’s this thing called Incognito Mode

Listening to Kali Malone and having some lagers.


Hot dogs for tea which were fine

More Silo on the telly in a bit and probably be asleep by ten

Big plans to go to the Forest of Dean tomorrow so that’s fun :blush:

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Had some sad news today so now I don’t feel very good but I ate some pizza and am due to go to see Monkey Man soon, maybe I will get a coke and some crisps for it

Looking Up Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

Also I got a new waterproof jacket today and now it’s pouring down but I’ll be cosy and dry :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve been trying to fight off illness all day so I at least had a choice about whether I go.

I’m at the train station now so it’s definitely happening.


Been drinking solo in a couple of pubs since mid day ish. Now pissing down and phone is on 17%

glee kill me now GIF