Tuesday evening, whatcha chewin’

Gonna take myself out for burger+beer before seeing Black Belt Eagle Scout. Nice!

Disgusting outside though, the motivation is being severely tested


Had a late lunch so might go out for a walk and clear the old head a bit. Had a ham and pineapple pizza in the freezer a while so I’ll have that later if I’m hungry. Fuck all aside from that I think. Will probably have an early night.

Work’s unbelievable at the moment, just one fucking thing after another. Stressed.

Kievs, air fryer new potatoes and peas for tea. Tired out after work so will probably just watch TV and lie down for a change.


Got a can of double IPA on the go and waiting for some creamy cabbage pasta.

About to send an email to one of the directors. He’s been putting a new role together for me and I’ve said I like the sound of it, but want it made official and to have the salary re-benchmarked and I’ve written that but I’ve spent most working hours of the last week worriedly second guessing that that’s what I should be doing in response. I’ve said and/or written this to him already. Stupid fucking work formalities and that.

Had chilli for dinner which was ok

Few books to mark and things to do but really can’t be doing with it as have a ‘are we moving on next Friday??’ Thing hanging over us so should we be packing?? :rofl: absolute pain

Anyway Bake off later isn’t it so that will be heartwarming

Out for a beer or two before Dinosaur Jr later. Had a huuuuge jacket potato for lunch so don’t need to arse about with food at all tonight.

Off tomorrow, very much feel like I need it. Going to do absolutely fuck all. Can’t wait.


I need to wash my hair. Cba

Feel sick. Cant wait for bed :smiling_face_with_tear:

Got my story published today, 99p on kindle rn, fao fyi icymi


Went to the new local Asda for tea cause I couldn’t face going in the co-op for the 3rd time today.

It’s absolutely terrible. Not going there again.


Got oven chips and a battered fillet in the air fryer - bought some Chinese curry sauce concentrate on a whim so will have some of that plus mushy peas :yum:. And a cup of tea

Aiming for bed after Big Brother cos I want to get up early and go bouldering before work, forecast looks ok for the morning so hopefully I’ll pull it off


Bought 4 (four) sticks of Lurpak earlier cos it’s only 1p more than Sainos own at the moment (with nectar card)

Oh, my jam advent calendar came and bonus chocolate spreads. Only 17 jams though and 6 six tea bags (and a “surprise”). Pft, other years have been 24 jams. I want 24 jams!


Very uneasy about this naming

  • Go for a walk
  • Don’t bother it’s cold
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It still looks pretty wet here which would be the deciding factor for me rather than the cold.

Is that the link on Twitter?

It is :blush:

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One individual tea bag does not match up to a jar of jam, what the hell