Tuesday evening, whatcha chewin’

Padron peppers, salad with balsamic glaze and deep fried tofu :grinning:


My wife is out at a the launch of a book she designed like a big ol swanky champ so I’m gonna sit and eat pizza and watch The Boys at home alone :+1:




I don’t know if I mentioned I drunkenly accidentally ordered a hello fresh order for this week, as well as a food shop which I’ve mostly frozen, sooo sticky bulgogi pork with broccoli and noodles for dinner! It was a bit sweet but fine, good to have something different from the usual.

Been feeling like absolute trash today, the bf is heading out so I’m going to light a nice candle, drink lots of juice and eat fancy M&S jaffa cakes in bed whilst watching Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor. It’s a mouthful!


went for a swim. ate more chilli. looking at flights back to ES in dec.

a question - which chaos god would you pledge your soul in eternal servitude to?

  • Tzeentch
  • Nurgle
  • Slanesh
  • Khorne
  • Chaos Undivided
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Alright. Wet morning, nice afternoon around Chichester Harbour. Saw a semi rare (to the solent) bird and a decent sunset

Done a shower, had oven fish, chips peas and sweetcorn. Might have a Pepsi Max with bake off.


Thanks for reminding me bake off is on.

Dad went home this afternoon :cry:

But I am in such a better place than this time last year where I had multiple breakdowns and was sobbing when he left because I was so depressed.

This year we have laughed until we cried, been on a trip to Bristol, eaten so much delicious food and he has helped me with some horrid little jobs around the house :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have signed up for the Tate, and have lots of nice little invites to various things in the run up to Xmas so life’s good x


Still giggling thinking of him using my minge wash as shampoo





Heck yes

Quite the walk but well worth the views. Seemed like only cool kids up there too

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fuckin argentinos, man.


Three things I am grateful to dad for-

  1. Fixing the pull light switch in my bathroom
  2. Fixing the door mechanism on my cupboard of doom
  3. Defrosting the freezer and fixing the door so that it won’t frost up so easy again

I know it’s really silly but I really do owe my dad everything - he’s the best.

  • Dad is awesome
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Evening all.

Strange day today, which I think I could do with sharing. Can’t think of a better thread to put it in, so I’m going to put it here, hope that’s ok. [CW: animal abuse, bullying]


For several years we had some really horrible next door neighbours. They ran a dog walking company from their (small, one bed) flat, and treated the area out the back of our flats (shared by several flats) as the running ground for the dogs. They were really nasty and aggressive, and basically tried to bully everyone else out of using the space, up to and including screaming and swearing in our 76 year old neighbour’s face, and physically assaulting us once. Lots of other stuff as well, basically they had a majorly negative impact on our daily lives. They moved out about a year ago, and life has much improved.

We always thought they mistreated the dogs they looked after (beyond squeezing 14 dogs into 1 small living room that is), but we could never substantially prove it, though we did have various interactions with the police and the council about it.

Today I saw that one of them has been filmed abusing a dog, and it’s gone wide enough on social media that the Daily Mail(!) have an article on it. He’s been arrested and charged by the police, and various other stories are coming out about them: they also lost someone’s dog, and may have injured others.

On the one hand I’m very glad that he’s finally facing some consequences, and that he won’t be able to wriggle his way out of it (the video is unambiguous, and his name and face are very prominent in the reporting). On the other hand it’s horrible to see our fears confimed, and it’s stirred up some old feelings I haven’t had to think about for a while. Urgh.

Sorry for the downer. On the plus side, I’ll soon be home to cuddle our cat, who has had a very good relaxed year since the above mentioned neighbour change :+1:

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Oh god that’s awful. Sending love.

I had awful upstairs neighbours a few years back. They affected the people above, me who lived below them, and even my downstairs neighbours. This included noise pollution, criminal damage, they nicked my first bike (thankfully a cheapy) and failed to pay rent for over a year.

Thankfully as far as I know they never kept animals.

Animal abusers deserve the worst punishment.

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Give your kitty a big loving squeeze and boop from me!

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Gf is in London watching Self Esteem in Cabaret.

I’m waiting for a bus


17 jams? Reminds me of this


I am on jamventbook


You need a break from jam now and again though. No one’s ever eaten jam 24 days straight