Tuesday evening why


Not had a good day at managing the home situation here. Also neither of my hoped for packages turned up which is minor but would have been a nice boost.

How are we all holding up?

Anyway, an important decision I need help with. Tonight shall I drink…

  • Dark beer
  • Light beer
  • Both
  • Neither

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Considering my first tipple in ten days :thinking:

Go for it.

Hi FL, hi all. After probably the two most intense working weeks of my life I am now officially off work for 9 days!
This was a thing that happened today (I didn’t write this btw):

Got smoked beef sausages from the butcher with homemade wedges for tea. I’m physically and mentally exhausted tbh.


Making a curry, but have no rice. Suppose I’m having an elaborate soup now. Drinking nice beer courtesy of a lovely DiSser. Listening to Courtney Barnett. Fuck Covid-19


One of my parcels didn’t turn up either. I’m good for coffee for a few days yet though.

We went to watch the sunset up at the (deserted) racecourse*. Cor.

*we’re not breaking the lockdown we’re getting our mandated exercise


I am glad you are finally getting your time off! Hope you can rest plenty now :slight_smile:


Lucky bastards are furloughed from tomorrow at work so reckon work is going to be about 100% shitter from tomorrow for the foreseeable, cba

Rest up, Funky. Enjoy the downtime. Look forward to AQOS!


Went for a run, got annoyed at how many people were just casually out and about. Having pasta for tea. No masterchef tonight so I have literally nowt to do. Might just watch the tv play FFVII.

Got my boy staying here for the foreseeable so trying to be a bit more creative with the dinners. I haven’t done roast potatoes for years so I gave it a go… was a massive hit. Get in
moonwalks out of the room etc etc



Had some pesto pasta, tuna and peas for dinner.

No beer tonight, overdid it last night. FM for an hour, then bath book and bed.

Daughter has just asked me what an erection is.

Home schooling is going well.


Went for a walk, it’s pretty hard finding a sparsely populated route around here. I thought 6pm as it’s getting dark might be the quietist but maybe everyone’s out then after work. Might try mid afternoon tomorrow.

Going to eat whatever’s closest to it’s expiration date for dinner then watch GBBO.

Haha how old is she?

Sat with our sad baby


Had sausages and chips for dinner.
Nothing to do tonight…might watch The Platform on Netflix

Curry stew is so nice. Wish we had rice :frowning:

We’re watching a program about the worlds deadliest animals.

There was a bit about a venomous spider whose bite has the side effect of inducing an erection. Hence ‘daddy, what’s an erection?’

I think that my answer may have mentally scarred her.