Tuesday evening why

Please tell us what you said :smiley:

Watching race around the world again. They’re all still annoying 2nd time round.

So am I. I don’t think any of them are that bad, I think you lot are way too harsh.

Uncle wants power over the nephew
Jen is awful
The Lannisters are both pretty horrid, but Mr Lannister especially.
The mum and son combo are decent I suppose

She’s had a Little bit of sex ed already, so I kind of just gave her the facts.

‘A man’s willy is normally floppy. In order to make a baby it gets hard. That’s an erection’

Jesus, I’m cringing writing that down.


Just played Skype bingo. Got a full house on round 2!!!

I just think they’re average people and a combination of the stresses of the trip bringing out the worst in them plus editing for a story means we don’t see them in a great light.

Well done. My parents never told me anything like that.


Obviously, as normal, you’re totally right. But they’re still awful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finished my article :white_check_mark:
Sown some flower seeds :white_check_mark:
Facetimed my mum twice in one day :white_check_mark:
Facetimed my cousin and her little ones and was passed around endlessly :white_check_mark:
Had nutritious dinner so that I can enjoy some unhealthy snacks now :white_check_mark:


Just played miniclip pool with my best mate online, I smashed it and won two games in a row.

She said “piss off you smug bitch” out loud to herself after i won, not realising her mum can hear her.

Her mum goes “right thats it im texting (fapps) to tell her what you just said”


Thought R was asleep but then he woke up. Doesn’t he know I want to download disney+ and borrow my brother’s log in to start watching Gravity Falls again while drinking nice beers.


best halo top flavour

  • salted caramel
  • peanut butter
  • other

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Bit unfair of her to ask you on a Tuesday really.


Don’t know what that is but I will never not vote in a poll.

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I scream

low calorie ice cream that somehow doesn’t taste half bad. i foresee a seinfeldesque non-fat yoghurt situation incoming though.

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Ah man, why didn’t I think to tell her to leave it until Thursday?

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Ah, don’t buy it on account of getting loads of Salcombe Dairy for free.

Tried to have a post work nap, failed.

Duck and roast Mediterranean veg for dinner

Might see if I can convince Mrs Z into watching more Pokémon this evening while I grind to pay off Tom Nook’s loan that I NEVER ASKED FOR!