Tuesday evening why

Digging through the fairly disgusting cellar of new house and turned up a piece of vinyl down the back of some shelving - got it on on my minimalist set up and it’s sounding good…

think you should do an explainer video showing us the meowington creme egg technique

struggling to stay awake here ffs. must stay awake til at least 10 o clock.

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go to bed m9


God he was so chuffed with that, look at him

It’s too disturbing/erotic


So, you’re going to save it for Thursday?



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Bored and have started drinking

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I was bored and started drinking 4hrs ago

Evening all. Had a brief Zoom chat with some friends. Was nice. Now eating Walkers sensation poppadoms in bed

Hi Jordan

I think your multipack thread was underrated.

Reckon I might try not drinking during this. Only normally drink at the weekend so what’s the point when you’re doing fuck all anyway.

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Five Guys in a Week alert - it’s a ginger special


Cheers mate. You alright?

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Having it round her mum’s house is a fun dynamic :joy:

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This guys face!