Tuesday evening why

I’m… not ok, I guess most people are not ok right now though.

I hope you are doing better than that x

the welsh bloke is, of course, a dinosaur

The Bi guy clearly fancies the fit guy not the girl

Time between getting Disney+ and realising I don’t really want to watch anything they’ve got on Disney+ was about four seconds.


There’s no way you could’ve seen that coming

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apart from every season of the simpsons?

I’ve got 1-12 on DVD, nobody needs more than that.

they might be in HD?

This show always has an entrepreneur in it.

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I don’t have your elf eyes eric, I’m not going to be able to tell the difference.

might have a bowl of cereal, not sure what else to do

Watching School of Rock. Great nonsense


Bruh gotta ration my rum only have two liters to last thru the weekend

What you having?

bit hmm, that decision
he was a bit premature though

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The others might well just go home. She’s obviously going to pick the one she said was gorgeous.

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cheerios, watching mad men


why is one of these lads cosplaying as a baseballer

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‘Any holes a goal’ - why do men not know how to talk to women

This is where I would fail miserably (if not at the first hurdle), I’d end up such a state with just anxiety drinking if nothing else