Tuesday evening why

start shouting about zizek and get carried out of the house

Aye fair. Tin #6 for me.

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I’m on tin 3, feeling it surprisingly

Bit glum as the TV went to stay nearer her mum and stepdad to help them get stuff in isolation which isn’t really sustainable . Think we’ll prob comeback to one place and then do massive round trips to drop supplies at both parents as its better for both of us to stick together. Its fine to do massive trips as long as you’re not mingling whilst on them, isn’t it? She’s so thorough about following the guidance, bless her

I’ll probably feel it in the morning as kiddo has been getting up around 6am. Numb


“Any holes a goal” - The Sir Keir Starmer Story

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Hate waking up in the morning and remembering this fucking shit.


Back on the whatculture list vids

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Stay strong man. It might seem indefinite at the moment but it’s not. Italy’s already slowing up, it’ll be worse here before it’s better but light at the end of the tunnel.


Same for you dude. Got to look after each other. Need a big fat DiSmeat at the end of this to blow out.


Watch Gravity Falls

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Mmm, burny


I want ro hug each and every one of you when there is no chance I will put you in danger.

And I’m not even really a hugging person.


Yep. I feel I would be buying a lot of beers for people when this is over!

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The freediver: ginger Eddie Howe

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Every time you mention this I imagine it as an animated version of Gravity’s Rainbow and I really want to watch it.

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cant unsee that now

And you don’t even want the thought of being able to have a drink as something to look forward to :sleepy:

It is not that, but it is a wonderfully odd cartoon that I probably have way too strong an attachment to because of the time I watched it at and how much it meant to me to get through that time.

It is just brilliant.

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All of these people are jerks except for the girl’s mum, none of them should go out.