Tuesday evening why

Guys, I really recommend you watch 5-headed shark attack

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Oh god I haven’t laughed this much in a long time

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Bad choice, he is clearly a wrong un.
Ooooh next week’s looks fun.

Rock creep

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Every week the person I want to win comes second and they pick the clearly slightly psychotic/creepy one instead

I think under their extremely strange conditions it might pass for just trying more? But they’re clearly unhinged.

Watching I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix (is good, same people that didn’t End of the Fucking World), onto beer two, ordered 1kg wanker coffee, gonna spend £30-50 on wanker beer, tempted by some stupidly OTT guitar pedals



Switch to 5-headed shark attack when you get to beer 4


What coffee did you get? Think i need to stock up too, and I’ve been relying on pact, who have been fine, but don’t have the greatest reputation.

Artisan Roast, local Edinburgh place just up the road from me - very good bunch of coffee people. They’ve closed their cafes but are now doing free delivery (STAYSAFE is the code) for online orders which is p sweet

Got this one

Also had this before

My flatmate and I are absolutely tanking the coffee lately, hence the upgrade to a 1kg bag. Fully recyclable bags too for maximum points


Perfect, thanks. I’ll get a couple of 250 bags to start with.

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Lemme know which ones you go for

Janzoon (sounded great) and the campo alegre. Something to look forward to!

Well that sounds pretty fantastic too. Fortitude do great stuff too but only had it in the cafe, never at home - for next time!


I’m probably extra emotional at the moment but I watched this video and blubbed

Not at the interview, Arcarsenal mainly

I’m sure it’s not a terrible idea to put summerslam 92 on when I have to work tomorrow

They lasted one date

called it